At the end of the day…

3 09 2008


Actually, the header for this post can double as the Gang’s own contribution to the Shifting Perspectives Part 2  exhibition.

It’s got be our least favourite catch phrase of all time. Having spread like a virus it now falls trippingly off the tongue of every politician in every interview you ever hear these days – and not just pollies; everybody uses it, from television commentators to bloody football coaches, even. It’s now replaced the noddingly ponderous “indeed” as top of the Gang’s ‘gormless generic banalities’ hit list. Too ‘orrible for words.

Anyhoo, Shifting Perspectives part 2  folded on Monday night with a combined floor talk from a gaggle of participating artists and plenty of good natured repartee between Nige and his (barely)invisible wet dream consortium (…or, dare we say, fan club.)

We’ll put it into some sensible curatorial perspective next week but in the meantime, for some snaps of Monday’s soiree, go here.

In at Craft ACT they’re now busily setting up for the next event, Local Innovations; An evening of innovative design, which features the product launch of Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member Catherine Reid’s fabulous new range of sophisticated porcelain lights coupled with drawing with light, the Canberra Institute of Technology Fashion Department’s annual experimental fashion night.  The latter is a collaborative presentation of student fashion design, photography and sound – and it all kicks off tomorrow evening (Thursday 4th September) from 6pm in the Craft ACT gallery.

Be there or be a dreary rectangle.

Post script…

2 09 2008


Nigel Lendon’s Wet Dream Support Group  dropped by for one final addition before disappearing back into the ether, anonymity intacto. (Don’t worry, Alice hardly knew what hit her!)

We’ll bring you a round-up of all the thrills of the exhibition directly (though we’ll probably wait until we’re back at the hideout before giving it a proper review…)

Spring is sprung…

1 09 2008


Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious springtime by this son of yore (…apologies to the Bard.)

There’s been more mischief afoot at Craft ACT – the nefarious Nigel Lendon’s Wet Dream Support Group has pulled off a cultural break and entry in the gallery over the weekend and clearly nothing was safe nor sacred…though we suspect that Al would probably have approved heartily.

More snaps to come after the big closing party tonight (from 5pm, see you there…)



                                     Viva Zagrassby!!

What’s your perspective?

29 08 2008


The Shifting Perspectives II exhibition is building nicely.



                                                (click to enlarge)



Don’t forget that work can be brought in right up to the closing party, next Monday night from 5pm…


Artwork from l-r (top) Linda Davy, Liz Paterson, Morgan James, (bottom) Megan Bottari, Tom Skeehan, Geoff Farquhar-Still