Sculpture on the Edge 2012…

The Gang, along with a surprising number of comrade-in-arts, braved the tempests the weekend before last for the annual Sculpture on the Edge at Bermagui. Had Megsie not been officially opening it we might, it’s true, have been sorely tempted to give it a miss – but like the legendary Mounties she’s interminably conscientious (twice over in fact – she had to front up again for the Sculpture Symposium on the Sunday as well…)

The ceremonials had been very sensibly shifted away from the inclement howling up on the headland to the relative comfort the Community Centre (venue of the Small Sculpture Show) which was much kinder on the opening crowd. And it was a most convivial evening – fuelled as ever by that swell of relief of pulling it off in time and the hail-fellow-well-met camaraderie of all the (mainly recidivist) participants.

Which is one of our favourite elements of the event –  all the old pals down from near and far (if not in person, then at least in sculpture.) Trevor Dunbar’s solo show at the fishermen’s Co-op was a cracker (as already reported) but we also enjoyed the work he made with Dinah for the headland…



The animals rooled, really, we decided in the end…



Lots more here to look at – well, things that caught our eye in any case. We thought there was a certain lack of truly satisfying scale this year. And a tad more rigour in the selection stakes wouldn’t have gone astray. But all in all Sculpture on the Edge continues to be a stimulating outing for the faithful. And after the bracing wind, there’s always that luscious gelati.

Hats off to Jan, Sculpture Warrior Queen. Hang in there, honey, these things take years to fully establish.

And congrats to Jen Mallinson, who took out the major prize (for her larger work up on the headland)…



She’s on a roll, that gel.

Oh, and nearly forgot May Barrie –  sublimely simple. (Sorry, no pics.)

Get edgie or get over it…


Jan has just sent through Bob Georgeson’s poster for this year’s Sculpture on the Edge at Bermagui.

Sensational, wethinks. What a fabulous perspective of Randall Sinnamon’s piece from last year’s event!! Br-illiant.

But no. Apparently not. Jan’s committee collectively wet their knickers in horror, pronouncing it too offensive. Omigod – can you believe such a thing? In this day and age? And purporting, some of them, to be contemporary artists!!

SHAME ON YOU.  Get with the program, peeps. The embarrassment is all yours.

They opted instead for the safe harbour of convention…



Now, this second is a fine poster, featuring a fine artist. No argument there.

But one can’t help but feel that it lacks the frisson, the élan, of the original.

If the local arts community seriously wants to play in the big pool then it needs to start cultivating some bone fide vizzarts maturity. As a concept, Vagina dentata has probably been around since the beginning of the art historic time-line – and is perfectly acceptable. In any guise.

Nervous Nellyism be damned.

[Poor Jan – we feel for you big time. Hang in there sister. n(Ed)]