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Sculpture on the Edge again had a strong Canberra connection this year – not the least courtesy of Nigel’s carload of fillettes (see ArtWranglers’ breaking news post.) And we’d have to concur with him that apart from Randall Sinnamon’s marvellous crucified ape, the field lacked the impact of last year’s event, though there were plenty of stand-outs, of course. The animals stole the show this year…[in our ever so humble opinion. n(Ed)]



(above)  Andy Townsend and Suzie Bleach, Adrift



(above) Amanda Stuart, Alpha Myths



(above) Randall Sinnamon, Boar




(above) Chloe Bussenschutt, Pitch

The event will culminate in a Yuri Wiedenhofer fire sculpture on the beach on the 20th March…

For happy snaps go here.

Sculpture on the Edge 2009…



Yesterday was the official opening of Sculpture on The Edge 2009 at Bermagui, and the Gang of course took lots of snaps – but we’re beatling up to the ‘Berra this morning for a long weekend of studio rounds, so the post proper will have to wait until we get back.

We thought we’d leave you with this wonderful image of Nigel at the foot of Randall Sinnamon’s great ape (Untitled) – just to give you something to go on with…

Get an edge…


Time to start working on your sculpture for next year’s headland fest at Bermagui. It’s a fabulous event-on-the-rise and seriously worth participation. Contact the intrepid Jan Ireland (organiser extraordinaire, details above) for all the logistical lowdown. 

(Hey Bob, cool poster!! – sorry about the crease…)

BTW, this falls on the Canberra Day long weekend so it’s a perfect fit for the Canberra mob…(Geoff, Jay et al, come on down!)