August catch-up…

12 08 2012

Goodness, we’re nearly at the half-way mark through August and we’ve not yet spread any of the love….better late than never, so here’s a bit of a job lot…

First up, Jas biz…


Mark Gerada

now showing

jas hugonnet gallery


Mark Gerada is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who lives and works in the mountains west of Sydney. He is a painter, illustrator and teacher with a background in architecture, ceramics and design. He has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Brussels, China and Malta.

In this selection of works Gerada demonstrates his ability to combine abstraction and mixed media. Through the application and layering of media he creates space within the picture plane.

His dynamic brushwork evokes the act of painting where the subtle use texture creates depth.

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916 or contact the gallery via the website.

Image: Mark Gerada  Glamaig 2,  Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 60cm

And then there was Nigel’s starring role at Heidi


[We love that work Nige – super, super cool. We can feel a re-emergence coming on.


And then there was the fabbo snap sent around work by one of the Rangers…



…which shot us straight down memory lane to Rose Montebello’s wonderful Knot…



And then there were last week’s highlights – like another circulated work pic of winter on the Brown…



And news of Alex’s upcoming show, opening this coming Thursday night (16th August) at Beaver…


Be still our beating heart  – we love Alex’s work. If Megsie manages to shrug off her current state (flu-blown) and make it across the Monaro for the Ranamok on Wednesday, the Gang may well manage to swing into the Beaver as well. Joy. (Just a reminder to our American friends that Beaver is the name of a gallery in Canberra…)

Women’s Work at Bega…

16 11 2009



As promised, here’s a quick peek at Rose Montebello and Gabrielle Powell’s exhibition at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery. We missed catching all the excitement of the opening, but managed to snap Rose again on the swing when she was back down to participate in the Gallery’s public program – the Arts Café.




FYI – the accompanying didactic…

This exhibition, featuring the work of local artist Gabrielle Powell and Canberra-based artist Rose Montebello, explores the fertile narrative vein inherent in the dutiful execution of repetitive labour – women’s work, in the parlance of a previous generation. Plumbing a well-spring of metaphoric homilies, these works represent a contemporary take on that ‘rich tapestry of life’, and the inescapable feminine imperative to preserve, nurture and regenerate. Women’s Work is about the perennial constancy of emotional reparation.

For Gabrielle Powell the seemingly prosaic chore of basket making (one of the oldest crafts practiced by women across the breadth of the globe) represents women’s universal solidarity; a humble occupation with a strong uniting force. It’s a therapeutic practice that allows her to unwind from professional stress (community welfare work) by weaving the thoughts of the day into a semblance of tangible cohesion…with a lid as, perhaps, closure or a symbolic gesture of discretion and privacy.





These baskets, often made with found and recycled materials, are objects of proverbial ‘good wifery’; a stitch in time… waste not, want not…practice makes perfect, even! They connect us to all the granny’s of recorded time and remind us of our continuing obligation to conserve not only the heritage crafts but also the associated moral observances.



Rose Montebello’s extraordinary hyper-real dioramas are a construct of both personal and universal social narrative. But while the earlier works hark back to an era of nature prints and pastorale tranquility (staple fodder in the conservative domestic aesthetic of the mid 20th century), the terrain is grave, with an over-riding sense of melancholic foreboding. For here, in this silent wood, is a very grim tale indeed; of dread and loss and inconsolable sorrow.




Here lurks the ghost of serial narratives, repeating. Montebello’s European landscapes are a physical manifestation of an oral family history. A lamination of pieced together information, hushed stories, a latent search through Freedom of Information files (exposing the atrocities of war). Layers of background delivering a facsimile of truth. Handed down through generations, the keeping of these memories is women’s work. The wonderful methodology of her practice, the painstaking deconstruction of images and the consequent reconstruction into the 3-D tableau, adds exquisite drama to what is essentially a contemplation of life, death and the intractable universe. [Megsie loves that phrase!! n(Ed)]




Rose Montebello Mark II – the social whirl…

1 04 2009

Opening night at ArtWranglers…


…with Rose Montebello, artist.

Having paid due respect to the wonderful work (see earlier post), it’s time to turn our sights on the social swill and thrill of the evening; a big night out at ArtWranglers with the all the bee-ewdiful people. And how lovely it was to catch up with everybody…well almost everybody. There were, as usual, numerous clashing events but the Gang forbore hitting the cultural merry-go-round, opting instead for relaxed quality time in the one location. Pa even came, a rarity in itself…



…so it was all a bit of a treat. And then we went for duck in Dicko. Perfeck.

For the happy snaps that made it through the editing process, go here.

Rose Montebello, a cut above the ordinary…

31 03 2009


Rose Montebello, Knot.

    snake-right2  snake-left1  



Friday week ago the Gang fanged across the Monaro to catch Rose Montebello’s latest exhibition, The Feeding Tree, at ArtWranglers – and what a ripper it was. Well worth the three hour drive. And of course there was the added bonus of catching up with all the beautiful peeps on the Canbr’arts circuit, not the least being Nige and the lovely Willameena. We’ll have to break the g(l)oss into two posts, otherwise it’ll be too cumbersome. So here, then, is the show itself.

It’s colour photocopies on board. Too good.



Rose Montebello, Only One.






Rose Montebello, High Branch



Rose Montebello, Feeding Tree

    eagle-right2    eagle-left1



Rose Montebello, Low Point




Rose Montebello, Swallow


and of course the one we showed the other day (…that we’re still kicking ourselves we didn’t buy…)



Rose Montebello, Night Game


For all the inside gen, and more, go to ArtWranglers’  March 19th post.

On a promise…

26 03 2009



Coming soon – Rose Montebello’s show at ArtWranglers.