Hallelullah!! Hark – the spark of critical reasoning, at last…

There may be a god after all. Nigel had alerted us to a new blog, Teraphim.org, coming out of the ANU Glass Workshop, courtesy of a new postgrad student. Historically speaking we weren’t about to get our hopes up apropos the possibility of any stimulating tenor of critique. But we’re always delighted to be proven wrong. Goodness gracious –  signs of an unfawning public dissection of the Ranamok. Who’d’ve thought!! Whacko!!




Meanwhile, there is some chatter about the kitsch boomerang piece (which, btw, nobody had initially sent us an image of; presumably in case we nominated it for the woofer award) but we want to point out that, in our humble opinion, is it far from being the most execrable in show. Lets face it, darls, if we came across it in an op-shop we’d swoop on it in delight.

We’ve not seen the show in the flesh yet, but from the slide show of finalists we suspect our pick for Dog of the Show still resides with the mob we’ve awarded it to for the last coupla years (or more)…

And a few more from Klausie…

…snaps of the Ranamok, that is.



                                                                       Mickey & Helen


                                                                        Jen & Michelle




                                                                          A teary Diedre, saddled


                                                                         The winning shot


                                                                           And Luna.

Thanks to all our roving reporters – what a nice little overview.

Ranamok snap fest…

Just in via phone mail from the Babs…


                         Girls’ night out: Helen, Mickey & Mel, and…



…the one and only, the fabulous, Robyn Archer.

How seriously cool.  And again, way spooky – the Gang’s off to Melbourne next week with Rach to attend an arts/community/local government conference featuring, as keynote speaker…(drumroll)… the one and only, the fabulous, Robyn Archer.

Thanks Babsie, made our day.

Ranamok 2009: the winner…

Kiwi glassie Lisa Walsh took out this year’s Ranamok with her piece Across the Lines…

2009 winner

(detail below)




…which is kinda spooky because the Gang bought some depression pegs at the Rozelle market last Saturday which are the dead spit.

Lots of thanks to Luna for sending through the snaps – we figure she must know how much we enjoy the speeches at these things ‘cos most of the pics she’s sent are of…yep, you guessed it, the speeches!! Usually we sneak outside when they start, so this must be your idea of payback time, eh, Loons.

Don’t be too anxious folks – they’re not all of the speeches…



There’s the odd snap of our fave peeps (like Babs, Brenno & Soph), though not one of you and James, Luna…? Ah well.

Check out the scene here.

Late press: we’ve added the missing link – more snaps from Luna.

Ranamok 2009…

Last night was the opening and announcement of the Ranamok winner 2009, which completely fell off the Gang’s radar this year (too many other excitements vying for our attention au moment.)









Looks like lots of big hitters have condescended to go back in the comp this year –  it’ll be trés interesting to see who takes it out.

Klausie, Luna and Babs have promised to take some snaps for us – so between them, with any luck, we can bring you a taste of proceedings at least…

Meanwhile you can check out the finalists here.