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This pdf is a tad blurry – but for those who can’t read it, Blanchie and Phoebes are getting General Assembly cranked up again for the State of Design Festival 2009…

General Assembly – Open Studio 09.
For this special State of Design event we will be exhibiting the full Melbourne and Canberra series of General Assembly components side by side for the first time. Each session will start with an overview of Studio Hacienda and the history of this exciting project, followed by a demonstration of the fabrication techniques used to create the work.
The session will end with a viewing of the finished product and the opportunity to purchase the parts to make your very own souvenir brooch.

Please forward this invitation to anyone who may be interested!

Sessions times:   
Friday 17 July 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm
Saturday 18 July 12pm, 1.30pm, 3pm

Boyd School Studios
207-229 City Road

Studio Hacienda opening at Workshop Bilk…

Workshop Bilk hosted a cash ‘n carry treat for contemporary jewellery afficionados at the opening of Blanche Tilden and Phoebe Porter’s Studio Hacienda exhibition/event, General Assembly, in Queanbeyan last night. There was no rest for the wicked artists, however, who found themselves obliged to work throughout the entire reception, so great was the demand for their services.

The show is prefaced on a pick ‘n mix spontaneous production line – whereby punters are encouraged to choose from a variety of interchangeable components to design a brooch, which is then handed immediately over to the artists to literally knock up, in situ, while they watch and wait.

It’s a very cute concept – and a rather nice play on performance/collaboration between the artist-journeyman and the customer. And hugely successful if one can judge from  the spanking trade of that first evening…

The event runs over the weekend – so if your hankering to express yourself in a classic Studio Hacienda kind of way, then you’d best head across the border pronto and get cracking.

The crafty dahhhling brigade was out in force, naturally…