On the edge of their seats at the Regional Gallery’s Arts Cafe…

11 02 2009



SEMAG (South East Modern Art Group) exhibition co-ordinator Pauline Balos introduced the several participating artists who were giving floor talks during last week’s On the Edge: towards Postmodernism Arts Café event at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery. The session, a regular fixture on the Gallery’s Public Programs calendar, was well attended by a particularly enthusiastic local audience.


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bob-georgeson  sue-chancellor  gallery


For anybody wishing to catch the show, it’ll be up until Saturday the 14th February.

On the Edge: towards Postmodernism…

23 01 2009

We’ve covered the winner – now for the rest of the show…



 We thought it might be useful to throw in the gallery’s spiel…


On the Edge: Towards Postmodernism.



This exhibition features the work of the South East Modern Art Group (SEMAG) – a collective of regional artists – who, specifically for this occasion, challenged themselves to explore their art in terms of arguably the most obtuse and elusive ‘ism’ in the art theoretic canon, postmodernism.


Participating artists were encouraged to recycle visual material and investigate marginal subjectivity – and to facilitate the process the following words were supplied as contextual guidance; paradox, parody, irony, appropriation, bricolage, allegory, pastiche. The resultant interpretations are consequently rather broad and, in a number of instances, somewhat loose – which is possibly a fair reflection of the very concept of postmodernism itself.


Understanding full well that the task would push many members to the edge, and well beyond their comfort zone, the organizing committee adopted the title On the Edge: towards Postmodernism.


To all intents and purposes the show is an in-house professional practice exercise, devised to deliberately stretch the SEMAG members both technically and intellectually. Milton artist/gallerist Malcolm King was engaged by the group to curate and judge the show, and the final hang reflects a carefully deliberated selection process.




Apart from the winning work (Bob Georgeson’s Love Glove), four paintings were singled out for High commendation; Kim Falkenmire’s Billboard Landscape #64, Malcolm S Bilton’s Conflicting Interests, Lucy Macey’s  Meta-consciousness, and Peter Storey’s Void Matters #5.




And we’ve just realised that we’ve neglected to take a snap of Peter Storey’s work – we’ll amend that in an additional post, toot sweet (mea culpa Peter.)




For anybody craving more info regarding SEMAG, we nabbed this from the Narooma News:

The South East Modern Art Group (SEMAG) has over 90 members from the Eurobodalla and Bega Valley Shires. The group’s aims are to promote contemporary and new art, educate members and the public, network with the wider arts community and to encourage innovation and professional work practice.

The exhibition is up until the 14th Feb – for gallery info go to the Bega Valley Regional Gallery’s website

For additional snaps of the show here.

Bob Georgeson wins SEMAG show…

17 01 2009

Bob Georgeson took out the prize in SEMAG’s On the Edge: towards postmodernism with his photo montage piece, Love Glove.




Megsie only managed to get about four shots off on the night, period – just post the speech and announcement of the winner and highly commendables. So at this juncture we can only show a couple of crowd shots of the night – if only to mark the occasion at least. The good news is that Christian was snapping away on the Gallery’s behalf, so we’ll be able to upload a more substantial coverage later in the week…




Post Script: Joy sent through some more pics last night…


                     christian  jan-and-pauline1  crowd-shot


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Thanks, Joy!

Disorder in the House…

16 01 2009

But still on track for SEMAG’s (South East Modern Art Group) exhibition On the Edge: towards Postmodernism…



With the Gallery in total disarray this week (still a construction site) the Council Chambers became both the repository for incoming artwork and the venue for the programmed Curator’s Talk…




SEMAG’s guest curator/judge, Milton artist-gallerist  Malcolm King, ran all the participants through the hoops…



…which in itself proved quite confronting for many…




…and the next chapter in the drama will unfold tonight, when the show opens at 6pm…

As for that question on everybody’s lips – “But will the Gallery be ready?”…

You betcha!