You can’t see White, if you won’t see Black

Currently showing at the National Art Glass Gallery, in Wagga Wagga: a very cool exhibition of works selected from the Collection. Ordinarily we’d encourage a road trip, but given the current barricades (aka the ever-shifting regional covid lockdowns) it’s sadly become a persistently ‘yeah-but-no-but’ proposition.

Still, never say never – we may yet get a clear path, fingers crossed, for a lightening dash across the mountains before close-of-show on the 5th December (perennial optimists that we are)…

Image: Megan Bottari, Post-Modern Tokenism III 2007-2013 (detail) lost wax cast lead crystal.

Gallery statement:

Curated from the National Art Glass Collection, You can’t see White, if you won’t see Black seeks to comment on the coexistence and unity of opposites as well as duality in politics, spirituality and morality.

Day, light, and good are often linked together, in opposition to night, darkness, and evil. These contrasting metaphors represented as White and Black go back in human history, and across cultures, including in the Judeo-Christian tradition, ancient Chinese Yin and Yang and ancient Persia.

As seen in this exhibition, the use of black and white creates a focused attention upon content, form, pattern, texture or upon the way in which the object has been made. Glass itself presents as a particularly expressive medium to explore abstract ideas. Both solid and fluid, glass absorbs and refracts light, and in so doing communicates spiritual purity and intensity of feeling, such as the oneness of the universe might be felt.

Showtime: Saturday 24 July – Sunday 5 December | National Art Glass Gallery

Nota Bene: shameless self-promotion alert! Megsie is in the show.

This summer’s cultural road trip; destination Wagga Wagga….

An exhibition and book launch celebrating the continuing practice of one of the Australian Studio Glass Movement’s pioneer members, Denis O’Connor, has kicked off in Wagga Wagga…


Wagga 4


Grace Cochrane, author and former Senior Curator of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, will be doing the honours at the official opening and book launch (An Unlikely Address: A Regional Gallery and the Genesis of a Collection; Wagga Wagga Art Gallery) on Friday 14th December, 6 – 8 pm…though the exhibition is already up and open for viewing for all you art/glass lovers travelling to/through Wagga Wagga in the interim.










book launch


Worth the trip, big time.

Music to our ears…

The Gang was bailed up last week (poor Megsie’s in a moonboot now) and couldn’t get across to Wagga Wagga for the opening of the National Student Art Glass Prize 2014. Luckily Michael Scarrone is a seriously good bloke – and he’s sent across all the eye candy so we’ve not missed out entirely. (We’ve bunged in the media releases FY general I – though obviously you’ve missed the celebratory events.)

Winner this year was University of Sydney student Sarah Michelle Humphrey with her ensemble piece A Giocherellare…


S Humphrey violin Winner

S Humphrey cello Winner


…featuring a violin and cello, which morphed into a recital on Sunday for those lucky enough to attend…


concert blurb


We’ve been reliably informed that it was fabulous. What a great note for the associated launch events to end on.

Out of a finalist field of 23 there were two honourable mentions…


Veronica Andrus-Blanskievics, Maereor, blown glass

Veronica Andrus-Blanskievics, Maereor, blown glass. University of Sydney.


Hannah Gason, Ground Plan, glass, pins. Australian National University.

Hannah Gason, Ground Plan, glass, pins. Australian National University.


Media Release - National Student Art Glass Prize 2014 - final


For the rest of the field, go here.

Thanks Michael. Hope the concert tours…

Wagga interlude…

The Gang made like the Man from Snowy River this week and high tailed it over the top to Wagga Wagga – omigod, what a drop dead gorgeous drive – there to seriously eyeball all things storage and wallow in the collection..




















After a serious mooch, we checked out the National Student Show…



…which pretty much just reaffirmed our earlier preferences…



with the odd addition…



For the rest of the time we just got reacquainted with old faves, like Tom…



…and Hirstie…



…and this ballsy little number…



…heh, heh.


[…and for those of you who have suggested that we’ve devolved yet again into the bog of smutty vulgarity, we wish to point out that we are, in fact, on precisely the right track…go here…or for those who prefer to just cut to the chase…The sensual shapes of his vessels are also intended as vehicles into the unconscious experience of primordial creation. The rounded bellies of the orb shapes and the sagging buttocks of the double lobes, replete with vaginal slit, all speak to a primal act of creation that is sexual and life-giving (quote from the above article.) Balls was tame. Thanks to La Groppa for coming to our defence!! n(Ed)]

Megsie’s writing one of the essays for the upcoming Collection catalogue, so there’s plenty more glass-o-rama ahead.

More goodies here.

Gordon biz at Wagga Wagga…

Darlings, we tried valiantly to make time for more Burma pics, but just couldn’t squeeze it in. Too many snaps, too little time, too much packing to do.

Anyhoo, never mind, moving right along – We’ll leave you with some fabulous pics of Gordon glass biz; Glass Shadows: the Gordon Family at Wagga Wagga, sent through by Michael. 

 What a line-up.

Look and weep, that’s two generations of craftsmanship right there.

More snaps here.

The Tour’s tour…

Finally we’ve managed to emerge from the quagmire of the day job to post the launch of the Tour de Force; in case of emergency break glass national tour in Wagga Wagga …was it only two weeks ago?

But, oh, how fabulous it was to fly in from the cold, overcast scenario of Bega to the expansive blue sky and welcoming warmth of Wagga Wagga. Darlings, what a contrast!

The Gang was met at the airport by the lovely Linda Elliot and taken to the National Art Glass Gallery for a squizz at the hang…

…before being dropped off at the Quest Apartments – with plenty of time for a swim in the pool before we needed to gussie up and make our way back to the Gallery…where we found Michael on deck (having just that minute driven in from Victoria)…

It’s quite fantastic to see the show at a different venue, and of course Wagga Wagga is one of our fave glass galleries – albeit an incredibly challenging space, installation wise. Michael Scarrone (who’s been curating there since 1999) has it all well in hand, of course. 

[Michael, btw, is filling several shoes at present – including Acting Art Gallery Manager since Cath Bowdler moved on – hence his regrettable absence from the Ausglass conference the week before.  n(Ed)]

It was a particularly pleasant opening: great local wine from Charles Sturt; tucker courtesy of the Friends of the Gallery; proceedings were kicked off by Wagga City Council’s GM, Phil Pinyon…

…then Megsie did her thang…

…and then Mayor Wayne Geale gave a speech…

…after which it was time to view the show…

…and press the flesh…

Anyhoo, we met lots of lovely peeps…

…and dinner afterwards was seriously pucker. 

The only bummer is our perennial regret that Wagga Wagga is so far away. (If it was closer to the coast we’d live there!!)

Thanks to all involved for their wonderful hospitality.

And thanks particularly to the City of Wagga Wagga Art Gallery for their partnership with artisan in the development of this project. 

Snaps of the opening and hang here.

All the good oil on the artists here.

Photo credits belong to Drew Halyday, also with sincere thanks […the Gang was a tad pre-occupied! n(Ed)]

Judi Elliott at Wagga Wagga…

Judi Elliott: Fortresses, Walls and other Defensive Architecture

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is proud to present Fortresses, Walls and other Defensive Architecture, an exhibition of beautiful, brightly-coloured glass sculptures at the National Art Glass Gallery.

Judi Elliott’s work is kiln formed and sculptural. Her inspiration is “the house” and all things architectural. She depicts houses and large walls in glass, employing simplified geometric forms and bold primary colours combined with expressive textures.

Elliott is one of Australia’s most well respected glass artists. She studied in Australia and overseas and has exhibited widely across the globe. She was a member of the Potters Society of Australia and exhibited ceramic sculpture before being enticed by glass. While working with ceramics Elliott discovered glass and commenced her studies at the Glass Department at the Australian National University School of Art. She travelled to USA after graduating with an Associate Diploma in glass in 1985, to study at Pilchuck International Glass School outside Seattle.

Elliott is represented in many private collections and Art Museums nationally and Internationally. Amongst them are: the National Art Glass Collection, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Australian National Gallery Canberra; Kunstmuseum; Dusseldorf, Germany and the Corning Glass Museum, New York.

Fortresses, Walls and other Defensive Architecture will be launched at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s global opening by John Doyle along with the Archibald Prize on Thursday, July 29, 6.00-8.00pm. The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, April 18.

Official Opening

When: Thursday, July 29, 6.00-8.00pm

Where: Main Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Cost: Free

Exhibition Dates: Friday, 11 June – Sunday, 8 August, 2010

For more information please contact Michael Scarrone on 02 6926 9660 or email


For additional low-down about the Wagga Art Gallery and the broader program, start here and have a wander around the website.

National Student Art Glass Prize: the People’s Choice…

Latest from Michael Scarrone, from the National Art Glass Gallery in Wagga Wagga…

Melbourne based Sydney College of the Arts graduate Tara Guinness has won the People’s Choice Award at the recent 2010 National Student Art Glass Prize. 

Guinness has won for her work Breaking Point. The techniques in realising this work are blown and slumped glass, screen printed enamels on kiln formed glass and steel armatures. Guinness completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours 1st class.

The exhibition closed on Sunday 6 June 2010. The exhibition consisted of works by 24 finalists from Australian National University ACT, the University of Sydney NSW, Monash University VIC, University of South Australia, Curtin University WA and Edith Cowan University WA in a wide range of techniques and styles. Over 3,500 people visited the exhibition this year. Comments included – “I am stunned by the variety of styles and the quality was outstanding, thankyou”, “clearly student work is alive and well in Australia”; “Very Impressive” to mention a few.

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is proud to foster and support emerging practitioners through the National Student Art Glass Prize and enhancing the international profile of studio glass in Australia.

Thanks Mikey!!