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28 02 2012


Natalie Mather

jas hugonnet gallery www.hugonnet.com.au


Sabotage is a new series of works by Mather focusing on impact: literal collisions, grand apocalyptic blasts and crashes in space achieved through line and colour.

The paintings’ images are inspired by geological formations, folded paper sculptures and Soviet science fiction films while the small-scale sculpture showing combines concrete with enamel and folded aluminium to resemble the lost detritus of a neon apocalypse.

This exciting work reveals the possibilities of construction and destruction in painting, an imagined future, both glittering and synthetic in a state of toxicity and decay.

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916 or contact the gallery via the website.

Image Natalie Mather don’t fall, OH GOD! don’t fall 2012 oil, enamel, spraypaint and acrylic on plywood 100 x 80cm

Natalie Mather at jas hugonnet gallery…

30 03 2010

Latest addition to Jas’s stable…

Natalie Mather now showing at jas hugonnet gallery www.hugonnet.com.au 

Image Jurassic, 2010 Spray paint, synthetic polymer and pencil on plywood. 90 cm x 60 cm.