It’s big and blond and beautiful…

19 09 2010

…it’s the Gang’s bespoke Marcus Gillespie ‘built-in’ – wardrobe/dressing room , that is. Our first real piece of grown-up furniture.

We went out to Marcus’ workshop yesterday to see it in the flesh, prior to today’s installation.

The brief was to turn the corridor between the Courtroom and the Magistrate’s office into a dressing room – referencing the era (1898) and the character of the building (law & order.)

And, omigod, it’s gorgeous

…and huge. (From the back it looks like a block of flats!!)

As an indication of scale, Marcus is 6’7″…

Too good. Meanwhile over in the house, Helen was putting the last touches on Izzy’s Sugar-plum fairy costume. (Jeez they’re a creatively industrious lot out at Rocky Hall!!)

We came home and took one last look at the corridor…

Stats and install to come.