Joy Georgeson at Spiral…


Joy and Rowie (above) at Spiral Gallery.

The Gang missed the opening last Friday, but finally managed to catch up with Joy’s new show, Eons, which features both ceramics and photography and runs until the 10th September (at Spiral Gallery, Bega.)










What do you reckon the Gang went for? Take a punt.

Dual studios with a view…


Guluga from Beauty Point.

Last week the Gang took a Noddy drive (blue sky/clouds dancing/birds singing…) north to just beyond Bermagui to visit Bob and Joy Georgeson in their sea-change idyll at Beauty Point (on Wallaga Lake.) The visit was primarily to give Megsie a gander at Bob’s latest work (in view of a near-future exhibition) but of course it also gave us an opportunity to check out Joy’s new studio as well…

The Georgeson’s relocated to the coast from Canberra just shy of a couple of years ago and now live in a veritable lush garden paradise, a mere stone’s throw from the lake. It’s a gorgeous place to work – if you can tear yourself away from the garden and the beckoning lake (Bob being a keen fisherman) – and they clearly relish the cinescopic environment.

Of course, when the tourists hit town and Bob and Joy hanker for some serious peace and quiet, they pack a swag and retreat to their bush studio at Rocky Hall (which they built in the late 70’s/early 80’s, prior to the later move to Canberra.) It’s a win-win/best of both worlds situation, and obviously molto conducive to the creative muse.



Bob (painter/collage meister) and Joy (ceramicist) in their respective studios.




Ah, retirement is such a beautiful thing…and both have never been busier!! The Gang has known these guys since our yoof-ful days in Melbourne (they both studied at the VCA with Harijs) and we realised with a bit of a jolt that it’s been 30 years since we first acquired a piece of Joy’s (the sugar glider, in a gallery off Toorak Rd in 1977 or 8.) Yoiks! In those days she was into her native fauna period (sugar gliders, numbats, possums and such…and, paradoxically, cats.) Later, in Canberra, she morphed into carvivorous torsos (as you would.) These days her inspiration is predominantly the coastal environment (see her Wallaga Lake-Montague Island exhibition here.)

Bob, on the other hand, has been more of the recluse when it comes to his art practice. The Gang was lucky enough to acquire his Moomba Madness, 1977 in the early ’80’s, just before he headed underground…so it’s trés excitement to witness his classically cautious re-emergence. (See earlier post.) He’s the real deal, is Bob – totally riven with existential angst. No weekend dauber, he. We love that.

For more pics (including a clutch of the Gang’s early Georgeson collection) go here.

Incoming clash…


The clash of exhibition openings abounds in the big smoke and it’s usually no great drama – just a manic crawl to get around everything in time – but it’s not quite so easy in the bush. This Friday there’s a couple to choose from – and not too dreadful a dash if you’re really keen…






Apologies to our friends at Bermagui, but patently the Gang will be covering the Narek bash; we’ve been looking forward to it for some time. The word is, however, that Mel may or may not be down for the opening – there’s been a few tragedies in the breakage department in the lead-up to the show, and she’s under the gun to have work ready for SOFA…so we’ll just have to wait and see…

On Friday at Spiral…

Joy Georgeson, Lake Life

The Gang and Helen tootled over Myrtle Mountain and into Bega on Friday evening for the Joy Georgeson and Bill Insch double header, Oscillations, at Spiral Gallery. And what a lovely reunion of sorts it was – all the old mob from Rocky Hall, regathered for the fray. Just like old times…except that we’ve all gone grey.

Anyhoo the show was fabulous; Joy’s Wallaga Lake – Montague Island series and Bill’s A call from the wild  went down a treat with the punters, judging from the red dot count. The usual Bega arts crowd seemed to be missing-in-action, but of course there is always the tyranny of country distance to consider. (Extra gold stars, then, for that car load of keen arty-farties from Canberra who drove down especially for the occasion.)

Afterwards we all headed off to the Commercial Hotel for dinner, and weren’t we in for a surprise – not bad tucker, real art on the walls and Grey Goose in the bar!! Golly. Bega’s coming up in the world. Things are looking good.

For a squizz at the evening’s delights go here.



                                  Joy Georgeson, Avifauna Island

Oscillations at Spiral…


Our old pal Joy Georgeson has just sent through the invitation to the sequal of Southern Oscillations, the Sydney show she shared with fellow Far-South-Coaster Bill Insch earlier in the year. She’s been working like a navvy on a new body of work apparently, which intriguingly includes a 2 metre Montegue Lighthouse. We’re rather looking forward to that!  Opens Friday week at Spiral Gallery – see you all there.

Newtown’s taste of the wild…


Far South Coast artists Joy Georgeson and Bill Insch (above) have just staged a successful two-man invasion of Sydney’s inner-urbs. Southern Oscillations opened last Friday night in Newtown – which Joy reports was a very far cry from the beauty and tranquillity of her beloved coastal bush!! Trés cool looking show…