Opening this Thursday at CCAS Manuka…

The divided works, an exhibition of new work from Jas Hugonnet…


Jas Hugonnet_Hughes Studio 2016

Jas Hugonnet_intimacy gradient_mixed media_2015_960 x 600mm

Jas Hugonnet, intimacy gradient, mixed media

The divided works.

The divided works pay homage to minimalism and the process of construction.
These compositions incorporate building materials where a horizontal element is introduced to allude to the horizon line.
A key idea in this series was to stick to a set of rules around proportion and let the surface of the work convey a sense of space.

Jas Hugonnet 2016

Noice. Background scoop/times on the CCAS website here.

Romancing Lake George…

Jas sent these through last week, but being otherwise occupied with a gallery change-over, we’ve simply not had time to post before now. It is, of course,  the good oil on the Weereewa Sculpture Prize 2010. Above is Jas’s own submission [very lovely and lyrical. n(Ed)]… and here’s the general wrap-up…




Under the title Winds of Change, the Weereewa Sculpture Prize 2010 opened yesterday.

It was coordinated by Mike Macgregor, judged by Wendy Teakel, Head of Scupture ANU, and sponsored by Infigen.

Third Prize of $1000 went to Tracy Luff,  Carbon Lock Up (Three Black Forms, pallet timber, steel rod)…




Second and First Prize was combined ($5000 and shared between Andy Townsend and Suzi Bleach for Adrift (Steel Horse, salvaged objects and flags)…





…and Dave Argaet’s Sands of Time (Sinking house/shed; brick, iron and timber)





Highly Commended: Mike Macgregor and Thomas Westra.

Other Artists in the show: Ali Aedy, Murray Ambler, Alex Asch,Ham Dorrach, Stephen Deronne, Paul Dimmer, Kath Fries, Jeffrey Firth, Stephen Harrison, Jas Hugonnet , Adam Humphreys, Ken Hutchinson, Ionas Kaltenbach, Sally Kiddal, David Maclaren, Sebastien Meijbaum, Richard Moffatt, Chris Polglase, John Ramsey, Britta Stenmanns, Nick Stranks, Daniel Velnaar and Travis Williams.


Show runs at the end of Lake Rd Bungendore until 29 March 2010

Bring your own water! It gets thirsty out there


 Cheers Jas


Thanks Jas, much appreciated.


We noticed with interest that a number of works had migrated inland from Sculpture On the Edge at Bermagui…(!)


More snaps here and here.

Apologies for lack of titles/artists info. We added those we recognised.

Exhibition roll-call this coming Friday…

Yet more news from Jas Hugonnet…ObfuncWith exhibitions opening across the state from Orange to Canberra to Bega this weekend, there’s no way the Gang can physically cover all our preferred options. Never mind – you can go for us!!

If you’re in Canberra, head for M16 for Jas’s Obfunc launch (we love that name, Jas.)

If you’re in Orange, head down to ORG for Brigitte Enders’ exhibition Sentinels 2 (we’re desperately trying to sort an image for this – we don’t have an electronic version of the invitation….)


[Post script: in lieu of an invite, we’ve dropped in a snap of a pair of Brigitte’s gorgeous Wapengos recently showcased in the foyer vitrine at the BVRG. n(Ed)]


And if you’re hanging around in Bega at 6pm on Friday evening (and why on earth wouldn’t you be?) it’s box fest time…



…a fun show of creative constraint (featuring artworks that squeeze into a small AusPost gift pack) – and, consequently, the perfect opportunity to splurge on a locally hand-crafted objet d’art for that special xmas prez.

This show has a light-hearted entertainment factor  – but with a competitive edge; muso Phil Moriarty, recently returned from the Edinburgh Festival, has bravely agreed to step up to the judging plate this year (joining Megsie and Rachel on the selection panel), and there’s many a keen eye on the $1,000 winner’s purse (…well, it’s a tidy little chrissie drinks kitty, eh.)


Jas crosses the Lake…

Big congrats are in order for Jas Hugonnet who’s just been appointed Manager of the Gallery of Australian Design at Commonwealth Place, aka the former Oz Portrait Gallery down by the lake. [Super work venue!! n(Ed)]

Meanwhile Jas has coincidentally launched his latest artist on-line at Jas Hugonnet Gallery


Richard Blackwell, turn a corner, 2009, digital print, synthetic polymer paint, Californian maple on board. 50 x 90 cm.

Busy times ahead, darl.

Jas, Workshopped…

Omigawd – here’s another one that nearly got past us…


TUBA-Jas-Hugonnet-2009-View TUBA-Jas-Hugonnet-2009-3-l



Jas’s fabulous light in Workshopped 09.  

It’s called Tuba 2009 (Polypropylene, 230mm x 450mm, 8w globe), retails at $120 and comes flat packed in a tube or assembled (contact Jas at Jas Hugonnet Gallery, online)

Congrats Jas – we love it, big time.

Meanwhile you can check out the Workshopped gig here.

ANCA gives the architects a go…


Jason Hugonnet’s Whisk


Brett Lowe’s Untitled, (detail)

It’s no secret that architects are wanna-be artists (you need look no further than some of the public art travesties foisted upon us these days to see that – check out And indeed, some of them are/were great artists; Gaudi, Gehry, et al.

ANCA’s current offering has architects mixing it with designer/artists/makers in Space, Form and Light, an exhibition curated by Ann McMahon and Katherine Campbell (on until the 17th Feb.)

We’ve posted a coupla favourites (above) – love Jas’s Whisk, particularly