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Philip Alldis: Residue

jas hugonnet gallery is pleased to be showing the work of Philip Alldis. In his current series Alldis explores the footy crowds associated with the 1970’s in relation to ideas of anonymity, image capture and mortality. Key components of the works are the formal aspects; the arrangement of the composition, the darks and lights and the division of space.

The medium for these works is compressed conté on canvas.This chalky medium clings to the warp and weft of the canvas and is then sealed in time by a thin layer of wax. Through this process Alldis softens the divisions between light and dark, where edges dissolve and shapes coalesce.

Upon seeing these works for the first time gallery director Jas Hugonnet stated ‘it seems like the works express a collective yearning where the subjects are facing a similar predicament whilst staring out into the unknown’.

To purchase works or for media images please contact the gallery via the website, or jas hugonnet gallery 0417 235 916

Image: Philip Alldis Residue 2015, conte on Canvas 56 x 56cm

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…notwithstanding that we did declare that ‘we are done’, perhaps it’s not inconceivable to imagine that we might pull the odd Nellie Melba when we deem instances to be worthy enough…

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Paul Sutton Conduits of the Invisible now showing at jas hugonnet gallery

                                           ph 0417 235 916

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How fabulous. Serious excitements in Canberra next week – a jas hugonnet gallery opening at Nishi…


Byrd, Doggerel, spray and house paint on cardboard, 1100 x 1200 cm

Byrd, Doggerel, spray and house paint on cardboard, 1100 x 1200 cm


byrd  natalie mather  emily valentine  james powditch  jacob potter  louise upshall  paul sutton  richard blackwell




an exhibition of work by artists represented by jas hugonnet gallery (online) at

opening night  6pm Friday 15 August until 4pm Sunday 31 August 

17 Kendall Lane NewActon Canberra 2601

gallery hours Monday to Friday 11-3pm Saturday and Sunday 11-4pm

(note Nishi Gallery is closed for a function on Saturday 23 August)

jas hugonnet gallery acknowledges the generous support of Nishi Gallery

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jas hugonnet gallery

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now showing

jas hugonnet gallery

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916

or contact the gallery via the website.

Image: byrd , some form of meaningful engagement

Enamel and acrylic paint on a red gum shingle, titles gleaned from David Broker’s ‘FESTIVAL OF AVERAGE IDEAS ALL OUR RELATIONS:18th BIENNALE OF SYDNEY’  Broadsheet Vol. 41.3 Sept 2012., 310 x 415 x 12mm