Open season on Coastal Culture…

7 10 2010

Last weekend marked the opening of the gallery season at Tanja, following the long winter recess.

Both Narek and Ivy Hill must have had a premonition about the Take-2-Grand-Final, because they didn’t kick-off until after 5pm – and we were able to listen to the last of the Pies triumphant win on the way over…

At Narek, Janet Deboos was just scratching the surface of her new decorative diversion (we dig the seventies/marimekko slant)…

…and we’re always up for a surprise. This new Chinese series has undeniable charm.

And how fabbo to see Jo sporting a new baby bump!!

Over at Ivy Hill Carolyn was showcasing a trifecta; Andre Hiep, Carmen Ky and Tracy Luff.

We particularly liked Andre’s work…

…and before you trot out those predictable rumblings à la Rosalie, we’d like to point out that it ain’t necessarily so. These sweet assemblages are resurrected ceiling boards from Spiral Gallery apparently, and are a clear continuum of Andre’s painting practice.

The pick of the lovely peeps here.

Double header…

5 01 2009



The Gang tootled across to Tanja/Wapengo for the kick-off of the coastal cultural rounds on Saturday. And there was a fine Canberran blush to the day; Sara Freeman being amongst the featured artists at Ivy Hill, while Janet DeBoos showed at Narek. Consequently there was no shortage of familiar faces in the crowd…(many of them sunburnt after a day at the beach!)

We’d not been to Ivy Hill before – strange but true – but, wow, what a wonderful aspect! Anyhoo, the latest show offers paintings by Duncan Stothart (an ex-pat who maintains a studio in Spain these days), the aforementioned Sara and sculptor Matthew Bashford. The exhibition is up until February 2nd…for more info, go here.

And then it was a mere hop-skip-and-jump across to Narek, for the ceramics show, Delicate Touch III; Janet DeBoos, Kirsten Coelho, Ivan Gulch and Bronwyn Kemp. We particularly liked Kirsten Coelho’s work, and obviously weren’t alone – she appeared to be selling like hotcakes. Which is good news for a sheila who’s travelled all the way across from Adelaide. Turns out she’s a good mate of Gabs, Debster, et al – so, naturally, we warmed to her immediately!!




For more pics of the evening go here. The Narek exhibition is open until the 16th Feb. For gallery details go here.

Narek’s new year opening…

28 12 2008

Anybody looking for a gentle cultural aside post the New Year pandemonium…



…we rather like the look of those faux enamel numbers.