It’s a GAS…

16 06 2011

Greetings from our fave Man about Seattle;  James Minson caught wining and dining at the GAS 2011 Conference…

Postcard from Seattle…

3 08 2010

Our all-time fave Seattle-based expat, James Minson, has finally surfaced to let us know that he’s still alive – just caught in the depths of his dissertation (and fielding commissions on the side!)

Check out this bit of serious gorgeousness, commissioned by peeps who’d bought a condo with a built in fish-tank but wanted to avoid the hassle of live-fishy upkeep.

Now that’s lavish. [Sigh! – we want to win the lotto now and order one. n(Ed)]

Postcard from Seattle…

25 01 2010

Just in from our fave man about town, James Minson.


two years after my lovely blue chandelier was busted by the head of a rather tall gallery visitor, I gathered the strength to dust it off and put it back together again. The Lost-in-Space-Robot-like dome on top is a candy dish that came from an op shop on the south coast. I think the robot dome is the all important feature that takes it out of a medieval tavern an into the space age. I made the chains in Turkey so it truly has been around the world.

Cheers, James. XXXXXX

Thanks darling, love it!

Postcard from Seattle: an intercontinental collection…

14 10 2009

The following is just in from our fave debonair pal about (Seattle)town, James Minson…


I bought this lovely little teapot in Eden on a La Gropp enforced tour of every Op Shop on the South Coast a few years ago and was delighted to find the matching milk and sugar bowl the other day at the local Salvos here in Seattle. The pot only holds about one cup of tea and is perfect for hosting those downsized recession receptions that are so popular these days. Ciao, James.

James, darling, who would have thought!! What are the odds? We love the serendipity.

And we remember that day…we needed an ale or two to recover…

Chandelier files…

12 10 2009


James Minson’s Silver Cloud mobile.

For more treats go here.

For the chandelier files: a tale of terrible woe…

14 08 2008




Our dear old mate James Minson suffered the most traumatic experience late last year and has only just been able to face the horror of it again to send us possibly the saddest postcard from Seattle imaginable…


Firstly a tale from the Perils of Penelope or “don’t put all of your glass in the one gallery”. The cloud mobile, the biggest and loveliest piece from my last December show literally took a layer of skin off my face during the making while holding the clouds in the flame. They were sandblasted and carefully rubbed with several fine layers of mica paint and hung on a stainless steel umbrella. Sadly the cable used by the gallery to hang the piece was not strong enough for the weight and in the middle of installation the whole thing crashed to the floor. Feeling bad the gallery owner promised a full share of the sale of my cobalt blue chandelier to compensate. Until a tall and somewhat preoccupied delivery person walked into it and managed to destroy it with his head. Now it’s back to small scale work for me until I recover my nerve.




[Darling!! Commiserations. Too, too dreadful for words.  n(Ed)]

Postcard from The Glass Furnace in Turkey

14 08 2007


(above) James demo-ing, Cappodocia, the Blue Mosque.

The Gang’s received a lovely picture postcard from our Seattle correspondent, the ever adorable James Minson, who’s only just returned home from his teaching gig at the Glass Furnace in Istanbul, via a stint at Penland, North Carolina.

(Note to self – simply must take a course in Istanbul sometime in the not too distant future.) What a great place to go and do glass…although he didn’t tell us if there was any water in the bleedin’ pool yet (apologies to Monty Python!)

The snaps make one want to jump on a plane immediately – and, of course, are a reminder that many of us do just that, as the pic of Melbournian/glassie Ede Horton attests…

And we’re really intrigued by the photo of James lampworking to the dervish – hope he got an image of the piece he was making at the time; a whirling dervish of the dervish, he reckons. We wanna see that.

More snaps at

and for anybody bitten by the travel/glass bug, check the Glass Furnace website at