Cultcha catch-up…

Darlings!! We’ve been stuck in relentless social butterfly mode for a fortnight; so much to see, so much to do, no time to stop and post. We’ll do our darndest to roll it out in some sort of semblance of order…

We’ve lots to bring from the Shirley Hannan, but have decided to tie it together in a neat monthly bow; as in all the highlights, some of which are still to come (winner Mathew Lynn will be giving a floortalk next week, and a plethora of other goodies besides…)

So we’ll start with Bob Georgeson’s show at Ivy Hill Gallery, which followed hard on the heels of the Shirley Hannan opening.

Great gig, we love Bob’s work. It appeals enormously to our natural sense of religious anarchy. As in, take that George Pell.

…yeah baby, and so much more besides…

It’s a jolly good smutty romp’n’giggle, backed up with pl-enty of serious intellectual rigour (which always works for us, let’s face it.)

More than just another cheap chapter in churchy ch-enanigans, this work is beautifully realised and worrisomely credible.

[From the POV of the cult of the catechism, Bob’s doomed for purgatory for sure and for certain…but we’ll all be along for the party, yessir. n(Ed)]

Meanwhile, pics of many happily compliant sinners here.

Get in quick, on until the 28th June.

The cultural carousel…

The Gang did a quick whip around the cultural offerings over the weekend, but kept it necessarily brief (had to dash home to cook Pa his supper – it was the 32nd wedding anniversary, after all…)

Friday kicked off with Spiral Gallery (a bric-a-brac/collectibles kinda show) at 5pm…

 …followed by Gulaga at the BVRG (an exhibition featuring the work of seven local artists responding to Gulaga Mountain) from 6…

Gulaga, firmly anchored by Karen Charlebois’ steel sculpture (a curatorial rescue device if ever there was one! god bless you Karen),  just manages to avoid being entirely predictable. Gordon Robinson’s fabulous Gulaga Suite took out the Gang’s pick of the pops. We’ll bring you a virtual gallery tour later in the week.

And then on Saturday arvo we dashed across to Tanja/Wapengo, for a slice of Matt Jones and Richard Raffan…

…the former above…the latter below…

Loved the work of both. Fresh, cute, quirky – yadda, yadda. It’s the first time Matt’s ventured into watercolour, he tells us, and what a wonderfully successful doodly detour it’s turned out to be. Seriously sweet. 

As for Richard Raffan’s show, those boats are totally irresistable.

[…along the lines of a sophisticated Slim, Nige. n(Ed)]

All in all it was a daisy-chain of somewhat varied fare, as you can no doubt appreciate. 

More snaps here.

Cultural quickie…

The Gang’s been chained to the desk for the last whatever, sweating over the catalogue essay for Tour de Force, so there’s been no time for blog biz. However we took a brief R&R on Saturday evening and hightailed it over to Wapengo for Artie’s yearly birthday bash, with a serve of culture on the side; the Karen Charlebois exhibition at Ivy Hill.

(above) Karen Charlebois’ new work.

Unfortunately our watch was stuck half way between Eastern Standard and Queensland time and, added to other unforseen delays, we were horribly late and only managed 10 minutes before closing. Bill was thankfully very gracious about our tardiness and cracked open a white regardless, so we did manage a swift round of the room and the few remaining peeps, but the camera work’s correspondingly brief.

Michelle, Bill & Carolyn (above) and Matt (below)…

Great show though, if you’re in the environs.

And then we made a beeline for Artie’s, a mere hop-skip-‘n-jump down the dirt. Got there just in time to catch Nige and Miss Pammy hard at it pumping out margheritas for the hordes…

and catch up with the fam…

Harijs, as usual, had command of the barbie, and was doing a great impression of the butcher from Delicatessen…



…and it was the classic duelling DJ’s scenario from the Piekalns boys…

Anyway, happy birthday Artus – a great night was obviously being had by all. You’ll be pleased to know that the Gang kept ourselves nice and got back to the hide-out well before witching hour.

No other excitements – we’ve got our nose to the grind.

The good news is we have us one serious chef as a house guest at the moment, so we’re in total grand bouffe heaven. Last night Iain made the best gnocchi we’ve had in years (in a bunny and tomato and lemon thyme sauce – oh yeah.)

…and he’s turning Sammy Jo into a credible kitchen hand and all – who’d of thought!!


Last week’s cultural cha-cha…

It was all about the fellers last weekend; from Spiral Gallery’s opening of  Blokes, to Matthew Jones at Ivy Hill, to Merrick Fry at Mister Jones in Bermagui…

Proceedings kicked off with some goose-stepping from the Art Police, aka Andrew Gray from SEAR, who officially opened the Spiral show with good serve of comedic stick…


Andrew2 Andrew


…which was seriously entertaining – and what a relief to see a healthy injection of humour in the yarts for once. Should be more of it, darlings.

So it was a triff opening all round, with the crowd literally spilling out into the street…




…and the overall tenor of the event  proving a particularly effective way to coax the menfolk out for an evening of cultural fare (…that esky full of VB tinnies being a deft touch.) The sheila’s must’ve been outnumbered three to one – quite a strange, though welcome, phenomenon.

Perhaps our fave work was Mike Petersen’s gorgeous weaving (what a fabulous counterpose for a blacksmith) and we also liked the ‘battle of Waterloo’ slant of Liam Ryan’s painting. [If the subject hadn’t been (g)AFL, we might have been tempted to purr-chase, n(Ed)]

And then on Saturday we finally made it to Ivy Hill, where we’d made a date with Rach to catch Matthew Jones’ exhibition…




…before meandering up to Bermagui for the latest opening at new contemporary art space, mister jones (the self-same Matthew’s other great work in progress.) 

Only the second exhibition since the launch of the gallery, the show Talewind featured the work of Sydney artist Merrick Fry, which/whom we found instantly appealing (both the art and the artist) – not the least for its kitschy assemblage of notional seafaring narratives…



Merrick Fry, See-saw

Merrick’s a chappie who can mix his metaphors with the best of ’em. And as you possibly know, we have always been rather keen on subversive takes on glass (Merrick’s certainly not shy about slipping in the odd bit of plastic!)



(above) Merrick Fry’s work.

Really very cool.

Matthew has since sent us the following blurb…


Seafaring assemblage and works on paper by Merrick Fry.

Mister Jones, Bermagui’s new contemporary art space, opened it’s second exhibition on Saturday night: a witty collection of works on handmade ricepaper and linen – and intriguing assemblages from found materials – by inimitable Annandale artist, Merrick Fry.

Using materials as diverse as lampshades, teacups, plastic toys and false fingernails, Fry constructs bottled dioramas and imagined maritime narratives in a palette of peacock green. He bravely walks the knife-edge of kitsch and saccharine with his tongue firmly in cheek. But beneath the self-conscious prettiness of bobbing, fairytale vessels, lurks always a violent and malevolent sea.

The opening was another well-attended street gathering for Bermagui, with viewers travelling from as far as Sydney for the event. But for those who missed the opening, Merrick Fry’s work will show at Mister Jones for the months of May and June, at 2/4 Bunga Street, Bermagui.


                       shammy and simone


(above) Shambala (with her attendant human) has been a most consistant and discerning visitor to mister jones

Cheers Matthew!!

For more snaps go here.

Double header…



The Gang tootled across to Tanja/Wapengo for the kick-off of the coastal cultural rounds on Saturday. And there was a fine Canberran blush to the day; Sara Freeman being amongst the featured artists at Ivy Hill, while Janet DeBoos showed at Narek. Consequently there was no shortage of familiar faces in the crowd…(many of them sunburnt after a day at the beach!)

We’d not been to Ivy Hill before – strange but true – but, wow, what a wonderful aspect! Anyhoo, the latest show offers paintings by Duncan Stothart (an ex-pat who maintains a studio in Spain these days), the aforementioned Sara and sculptor Matthew Bashford. The exhibition is up until February 2nd…for more info, go here.

And then it was a mere hop-skip-and-jump across to Narek, for the ceramics show, Delicate Touch III; Janet DeBoos, Kirsten Coelho, Ivan Gulch and Bronwyn Kemp. We particularly liked Kirsten Coelho’s work, and obviously weren’t alone – she appeared to be selling like hotcakes. Which is good news for a sheila who’s travelled all the way across from Adelaide. Turns out she’s a good mate of Gabs, Debster, et al – so, naturally, we warmed to her immediately!!




For more pics of the evening go here. The Narek exhibition is open until the 16th Feb. For gallery details go here.