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19 04 2012

We rather fancy this…



Views of ‘WATER’, 2012.  It is the first of a series of wind powered kinetic works. Glass & steel. 3000 mm long. First shown at the Palmer Sculpture Exhibition, Palmer, South Australia.

The work was inspired by seeing the seemingly bottomless pale blue pools in the thermal area of Iceland. The Palmer area is noticeably a low rainfall landscape subject to virtually continuous wind. This fed the inspiration as the work developed.  
With regards,
Gerry King

Photos by Grant Hancock

Updated info from Gerry King…

25 01 2010

Sorry chaps, a little hard to read, we know. It’s the dreaded pdf fuzzies. A magnifying glass helps.

Coming up in Istanbul…

7 12 2009

Just in from Dr Gerry…

[Note to selves – we so have to make the trek to Istanbul. Ah yes, one of these days…sigh. n(Ed)]

Dr Gerry at Wagga Wagga…

22 10 2009

Our fave feller in Wagga Wagga, the inimitable Michael Scarrone, has just sent through the good oil on The National Glass Gallery’s current exhibition, Gerry King – Into the Fourth Decade: a retrospective…







Gerry King
INTO THE FOURTH DECADE: a retrospective

Gerry King INTO THE FOURTH DECADE: a retrospective presents an array of work by renowned glass artist and designer Gerry King. His work has been extensively exhibited, collected and published both in Australia and internationally and is held in some twenty public collections worldwide.  Whilst orientated towards exhibiting, he is also engaged in design commissions and architectural projects.

One of the first Australians in the field, King commenced working with glass while undertaking postgraduate studies in the USA during the early 1970s. Originally trained as a glassblower he now works with a wide variety of techniques which include hot, cold and warm glass. 

He holds various academic awards culminating in a Doctor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong.  In the 1980’s he was instrumental in the development of the Glass Studies course at the University of South Australia.

This exhibition brings together pivotal works from King’s artistic journey through four decades of working in glass. While his work is now inspired by ideas, he has long been acknowledged as an exceptional craftsman of uncommon breadth. These works still manage to present fresh ideas and take the viewer on a voyage with the artist…

At night, on top of a bare hill I was abruptly and shockingly exposed to the brilliance of landing lights from a large plane.  It was akin to being instantaneously stripped naked.

Exhibition opening

When: Thursday December 17, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Where: Wagga Wagga Gallery

Cost: Free

Exhibition Dates: 2 October 2009 – 10 January 2010 

For more information please contact Michael Scarrone on 6926 9660 or email


But wait, there’s more – a swag of exhibition snaps…


Gerry K for Megan

…sorry y’all, no titles…

Gerry K for Megan


…for a mosey around the rest of the gallery, go here.

Thanks Mikey – see ya soon, eh?