The wild ones…

13 07 2009

Jas has sent through a string of snaps taken by Simon at Craft ACT’s Custom Made opening. We’ve been busy spotting the wild ones…



…like Nige and David discussing the finer points of the duco…




For the whole peep show go here.

Thanks fellers! Makes us want to throw a leg over (which is kinda what the ChopperWorks chaps were suggesting, no?)

Aussie blokes…

5 07 2009


Geoff from ChopperWorks (above) giving the speech, and Ralph with his pride’n joy (below)…



Nige has sent through some snaps of the opening of Custom Made at Craft ACT last Thursday and a link to iconophilia’s coverage of the show, Hogs@Craft.

Meanwhile lots of trés juicy quotes have been filtering through including a ripper from Geoff who, when asked about the source of Ralph’s inspiration for his Teal Blue Softail, offered up a classic…’Well, you know, if you put a lady face down on the bed…’




As charming a design principle as any, we guess. Who said romance was dead?

Vroom, Vroom…

29 06 2009

Wow!! Jas Hugonnet’s latest exhibition at Craft ACT looks like it’s gunna be one helluva fabulous tear-away…


(above) Corey Allen’s Softail (Corey’s the head honcho at Chopperworks in Fyshwick.)


This is when craft becomes sex on wheels. The exhibition opens this coming Thursday. Dress: Leathers.

The Gang, unfortunately, will be unable to attend (total bummer, but it’s something to do with unlawful association) – nonetheless we’re really looking forward to some snaps of opening night Jas(!!)