Opening this Thursday at CCAS Manuka…

23 05 2016

The divided works, an exhibition of new work from Jas Hugonnet…


Jas Hugonnet_Hughes Studio 2016

Jas Hugonnet_intimacy gradient_mixed media_2015_960 x 600mm

Jas Hugonnet, intimacy gradient, mixed media

The divided works.

The divided works pay homage to minimalism and the process of construction.
These compositions incorporate building materials where a horizontal element is introduced to allude to the horizon line.
A key idea in this series was to stick to a set of rules around proportion and let the surface of the work convey a sense of space.

Jas Hugonnet 2016

Noice. Background scoop/times on the CCAS website here.

Poo spotto…

8 01 2015

(…no, not the Poo – different species!)

Currently showing at CCAS, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran’s One Hung Bitch: Volume II

2014_11_18_1416284686_Shithead crop

Looking good. Go here.

Nooks and crannies…

14 02 2012

A reminder from Annika Harding at CCAS Manuka…


Nooks and Crannies, an exhibition by 2011 CCAS Studio Resident Jonathan Webster, opens at CCAS Manuka this Thursday at 6pm Thursday.

We’d travel for the title alone.

Errol and Skid…

30 06 2010

…(sigh) our kinda guy.

Opening tomorrow night (1st July) at CCAS Manuka.

From 6pm.

Clipped from the Bombala Times…

30 06 2008


Following up our earlier post on the Mongrel Dogs (Nil Tenure) exhibition, our mate Helen from the Bombala office of the NPWS has very kindly sent a scanned clipping from the local rag. Great coverage…but now we’re intrigued about the setting for the ‘wooded parkland’ image – where is that…?


The country’s going to the dogs, we tells ya…

25 06 2008


The Canberra-Bombala connection…


Amanda Stuart’s show Mongrel Dogs (Nil Tenure) opened at CCAS Manuka last Thursday night, and it’s another bottler (you’ll no doubt recall her fabulous Bush Pack at Bermagui’s ‘Sculpture on the Edge’ earlier in the year.) It’s hard to imagine they could be as effective in a tight, interior setting – but they most certainly are.

The analogy of their elusiveness (sudden appearance and disappearance through the walls) works wonderfully well, and they literally bound across the gallery with a reckless impunity that speaks volumes about the feral dog scourge  wreaking terrible havoc across vulnerable bush environments (not to mention the attacks on stock on adjoining farming properties…) These dogs, escapees from domestica, are a clear and present danger to native habitat and a huge concern to all those charged with the protection of our vast National Parks.

The exhibition was opened, appropriately, by the Bombala Area Manager of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Franz Peters (adding a nice little dovetail for the Gang; Bombala being a mere hop-skip-and-jump from the hide-out!), who reiterated in no uncertain terms the mounting difficulties faced by his NPWS rangers. (Gawd, we can just imagine his opinion regarding the imminent importation of ‘Savannah’ cats…)

It’s a great show – and we’re looking forward to the next installment. (Amanda, who’s a candidate for PhD in sculpture at the ANU School of Art, will soon be doing a stint of fieldwork in the Far South Eastern forests, so we’ll make sure we hook up with her then and follow some of her work-in-progress.)

You’ll find more sculptors than you can poke a stick at, and plenty of feral action, in the mugshots from opening night… 


…and you’ll have to be super quick off the mark if you want to catch the show – it finishes this coming weekend…



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CCAS Manuka exhibition “Best in Show” plus “Glass 07 Jewellery” at Workshop Bilk…

29 09 2007


The Gang couldn’t attend Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka’s opening of Best in Show on Thursday night, which by all accounts was a real hoot – but we made sure we mooched across town to run an eye over the livestock the very next day. It’s a tad more exciting than the art’n’craft pavilion at yer average agricultural show, that’s for sure and certain…we’re only sorry we missed the hoe-down and preview swill. Best in Show went to Marina Neilson for A Domestic (above left).

And then there was the opening of Glass 07 Jewellery at Workshop Bilk. The work of several Bilk artists is on display (Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Phoebe Porter, Ruth Allen, et al), but we have to ‘fess up that we went most specifically to see Sophie Emmet’s stuff. It’s only a week since the last Workshop Bilk opening, which probably accounts for the small – though quality (!) – turn out on the night. Alex Asch even deviated into darkly/glass territory; he dropped in for an afterwork drinkie, having just spent the day installing Brenden Scott French’s show at the Canberra Glassworks. Which, incidently, opens tonight.

Meanwhile the snaps of the day are at…