‘Sentinels’ at Gallery Bodalla…


(above) Brigitte Enders at the opening of her exhibition Sentinels at the Gallery Bodalla.

Yesterday the Gang and Ginger took a lovely drive up the Princes Highway to Brigitte’s exhibition launch at Bodalla. (We can’t get over how lush and green it is again after that blighty drought – even greener than last time, Jacque and James!!) Megsie was giving the opening speech, so we figured we’d better turn up for moral support(!)

We’d not been to the gallery before, had no inkling of what to expect – and frankly you could’ve knocked us over with a feather. It’s a fabulous space – an old converted post office; white on white walls, gunmetal grey flooring, the loftiest ceilings imaginable and a really specko lighting system…in other words, a perfect exhibition space. Better than that in some ways – no harsh edges. The walls are tongue-and-groove, the floors softly carpeted and the space a series of rooms (because, of course, it had originally been a residence) – so it’s intimate and comfortable. And completely unpretentious. For Valerie and her gallery team (Brian, Pat, Bob, et al) this is obviously a labour of love – and they’re spreading that love with warmth and hospitality. It’s wonderful.

And we loved the work, as well!! Brigitte’s signature functional abstraction/formalist design aesthetic took possession of the space, aided and abetted by the astonishingly complementary paintings of Bob Baker. Hats off to Valerie for this intelligently sensitive curatorial selection (so critical to the visual success of any exhibition.)

It was all so unexpectedly sophisticated. Which sounds dreadfully patronising, and that’s definitely not our intention – it’s just such a joyful thing when you stumble across pockets of civilization out in them thar bucolic hills.

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(Meanwhile we’ll post Megsie’s opening ‘Ode to Brigitte’ as soon as we edit in her ad-libs!!)