The Governess goes a-roving…

22 09 2009


The Gang’s fave pic in the BVRG’s permanent collection is off on loan to Bendigo Regional Gallery…

Coastal curiosity…

2 04 2009

In last Tuesday’s Bega District Times…






True story – no bull. Though the snap’s kinda missing something in black and white, we reckon…



And here’s a snap of Barbara Cogan and the founding members of the Bega Art Society…



This Friday at the Bega Regional Gallery…

24 03 2009


Megsie pulls a crowd…

11 09 2008


Megsie gave the artist talk at the Bega Regional Gallery yesterday and actually managed to pull a respectable crowd(!!)…


 (above l-r) Joy, Megsie, those lovely people from Bermagui and the Mayor

…much to the disappointment of the Mayor, who snuck in for a sanger only to find all the tucker snaffled and barely a skerrick left. (Thanks to whoever made the sangers, by the way – they were perfeck, especially the egg and lettuce, yumm-o, our fave…) The bad news is that we were so caught up with the job at hand that we competely forgot to take photos until it was all pretty much done and dusted (…yes, yes, too busy yakking again, it’s true.)

We must say that we were particularly charmed to discover that the gig coincided with the Gallery’s presentation of the Bald Archies. [How fitting it was to find ouselves in the midst all that healthy disrespect for Establishment authori-tay.  n(Ed)]

It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable exercise – we caught up with some old pals and met lots of lovely new folk, too – and we’re pleased to report that Megsie’s talk didn’t frighten the horses in the slightest (…and yes, she left nothing out – there was no censorship to speak of and she inserted a good dollop of the abject into the mix, never fear.)

Good humour and curiosity are clearly alive and well in the deep Far South Coast – it’s a beautiful thing.



                                    Bega Mayor, Tony Allen

The Bald Archy Prize 2008 rolls into Bega…

21 08 2008

We’re going to miss tomorrow night’s opening of the Bald Archy at the Bega Regional Gallery, so we snuck in earlier this arvo to snap the Gang’s pick – a ‘baker’s dozen’ – while the gallery staff were still hard at work hanging it…


This year’s winner: The Official Portrait of the Danish Royal Family.

The Bald Archy is everything you want in a fringe event; irreverent, provocative and, yes, incredibly cheesy…which in this instance is rather like bringing coal to Newcastle, no?

If you happen to be an uptight culturephile then in all likelihood this isn’t for you (and we suspect you didn’t like Kenny, neither…) But for the rest of us it’s a welcome comic relief – and a particularly fine example of that quintessential antipodean pastime aka ‘taking the piss.’


                                          (click to enlarge)

This is unabashed caricature (and one suspects that even Dobell might be moved to flinch) but it’s also gaining in quality, wethinks – which may not be what the Bald Archy mob give a toss about but it certainly makes for a more enjoyable, nay even enlightening, show.




Peter Garret really featured this year, which is kind of ironic given that he’s the invisible man in real life.




We reckon that anything that gives you three good belly laughs has gotta rate as a success in anybody’s language.

It will perhaps come as no great surprise that the Gang’s ‘Best In Show’ was unquestionably The Trial of Chas Licciardello…


      [Yeah, yeah, so we’re as biased as the next man. n(Ed)]

Sincere apologies to the artists; no lists were ready to filch, so we’ll have to come back to supply all the relevent title/etc details once we return from the ‘Berra…

We promise we will.

The Les Blakebrough show rolls into Bega…

22 07 2008


(above) Tim Moorehouse opening the show



It was a case of deja vu for the Gang last Friday night when Les Blakebrough: Ceramics opened at the Bega Regional Gallery. This exhibition, the first in Object’s Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series, has been doing the rounds of all the regional galleries since it was first launched in 2005 (so we’ve had the opportunity to check it out a couple of times already…)

Tim Moorehead opened the exhibition – sharing lots of personal anecdotes of good times spent with Les in the early days – and the valley’s own Living Treasure Klaus Moje was there, of course, providing that additional touch of cultural clout.

Although only a smallish number of the faithful attended on the evening, no doubt many more will wander through over the next month (the show runs until the 16th August.)

Go here for a peek at the evening’s fare.

Hands on at the Bega Regional Gallery…

13 03 2008



(above) Lorna Crane, Empty Vessel

We took ourselves off to the Bega Regional Gallery to check out the latest exhibition, In/OFF/Ona ‘cash and carry’ show that invited local artists to submit conveniently sized work that could be bought ‘straight off the shelf’ and, subsequently, replaced by another artwork. An island work station meanwhile has been set up in the midst of gallery, enabling a rostered rotation of all the practitioners involved to demonstrate their technique, in situ, throughout the duration of the show.

It’s a rather nice concept – with a performance aspect that connects both artist and visitor in numerous ways that underscore the complex and symbiotic relationship that exists between the two. Because art is so much more than mere passive observation.

In this scenario the act of demonstration and installation of the craft is consummated by the actual acquisition of one of the pieces. Making In/OFF/On  a gentle reminder of the pragmatic necessity of the dreaded cogs of commerce – even here, in the beatitudinal stratosphere of the Arts. 

[Yes it’s sad but true, my friends, even artists have to eat…and curators, come to think of it…and visual arts writers(!) In other words, people in the arts quite rightly deserve a commensurate income. Far too often we’re all expected to jump through hoops just for the love of it. n(Ed)]

The In/OFF/On project also doubles as a fund-raiser for the Gallery’s artist-in-residency and affiliated outreach programmes; all of which are critical for an ongoing, robust arts-and-community interface.

The day we were there artist Pauline Balos (whose work is featured in the previous ‘Sculpture on the Edge’ posts) was ‘in residence’ – surrounded by an attentive group of art students from Bega High, busy with their sketch books. The ‘involving’ nature of the show plainly works on so many value-added levels.

The art itself was wide ranging; from painting to etching to small sculpture. And we must say that, after seeing Matria Tymkin von Shreiber’s hats, we’re now really hanging out for this year’s Melbourne Cup day out at Kalaru (where we dearly hope they’ll be a star feature.)

There was just one thing glaringly missing – and that was glass. The sooner the Gang gets the studio up and running the better, we reckon…

For a glimpse of the show go to…