Rose Montebello Mark II – the social whirl…

Opening night at ArtWranglers…


…with Rose Montebello, artist.

Having paid due respect to the wonderful work (see earlier post), it’s time to turn our sights on the social swill and thrill of the evening; a big night out at ArtWranglers with the all the bee-ewdiful people. And how lovely it was to catch up with everybody…well almost everybody. There were, as usual, numerous clashing events but the Gang forbore hitting the cultural merry-go-round, opting instead for relaxed quality time in the one location. Pa even came, a rarity in itself…



…so it was all a bit of a treat. And then we went for duck in Dicko. Perfeck.

For the happy snaps that made it through the editing process, go here.

Rose Montebello, a cut above the ordinary…


Rose Montebello, Knot.

    snake-right2  snake-left1  



Friday week ago the Gang fanged across the Monaro to catch Rose Montebello’s latest exhibition, The Feeding Tree, at ArtWranglers – and what a ripper it was. Well worth the three hour drive. And of course there was the added bonus of catching up with all the beautiful peeps on the Canbr’arts circuit, not the least being Nige and the lovely Willameena. We’ll have to break the g(l)oss into two posts, otherwise it’ll be too cumbersome. So here, then, is the show itself.

It’s colour photocopies on board. Too good.



Rose Montebello, Only One.






Rose Montebello, High Branch



Rose Montebello, Feeding Tree

    eagle-right2    eagle-left1



Rose Montebello, Low Point




Rose Montebello, Swallow


and of course the one we showed the other day (…that we’re still kicking ourselves we didn’t buy…)



Rose Montebello, Night Game


For all the inside gen, and more, go to ArtWranglers’  March 19th post.

Following well trodden family footsteps…


How utterly adorable! Little Ned* Bonyhady attended his first exhibition opening last Friday evening – gracing ArtWrangler’s Charlie Sofo show with dad, Tim. (Hopefully he picked up a little Sofo souvenir to mark the occasion; it’d be a very cute beginning for a trés nascent collection…)

And today, by the way, is Willa’s big 4-0h!! Happy birthday Wills, and lotsa love ♥♥♥ from everyone here at the hide-out.

Check out the ArtWrangler site for more info on Charlie’s current show.

(* seriously specko name)

The Gang indulges in some Hensonist popularism of its own…


WARNING!!  Ethical parental permissions were neither sought nor given for the following ‘artistic’ activity…





These snaps of Ginger, the Gang’s most significant Work-In-Progress (Sammy Jo now being pretty much resolved), and her mate Kobi getting frocked up for a kinky-themed party out at sleepy Murrumbatemen, were taken earlier in the year – prior to the Henson/Roslyn Oxley9 frazzle. Which has no aesthetic connection whatsoever apart from the obvious lack of shadowy, insinuating undertone…

Meanwhile, on a more serious note, the Henson controversy refuses to subside – the outré media attention, of course, has thrown the market a bone and speculation has subsequently taken on a life of its own. ArtWranglers (always on the pulse) has been keeping us abreast of ongoing, pertinent developments

…and having looked at the image currently in question (Menzies Art Brands lot#214) we have to concur that this is starting to get a little harder to defend.

Art terrorism at Craft ACT…


It began on the Tuesday – an anonymous Coalition of the Wickedly Creative (aka Nigel Lendon’s Wet Dream Support Group) turned up at Craft ACT to start installation of a progressive artwork entitled Power and the Puce.








Shortly after their departure, Nigel himself turned up with his piece, Le Monde de l’Art a la Langue Fourchue…



Which elicited (on the morrow) the following response…





with the accompanying note…


Dear Nigel

As your spontaneous support group we are pleased to offer images that may linger in your subconscious, as they ‘are’ burning impressions in ours. This morning we were delighted to find what we so boldly perceive as your response. A weeding tool ‘No’, I feel the burning desire to identify the mystery object of the week on the Collectors.

Yes they are my hands gently planting the weeds of collaboration, and others shall offer further insights and gifts for your benefit, we hope. Though we must remain a mystery, as we are dedicated to heightening the collaborative experience of communication through objects, free of identification. Let Shifting perspectives be a venue for free dialogue in this ‘not large’ community we behold.

Sincerely yours

Nigella Leming



To which Nigel has now replied….


Dear Nigella, (and the gang at “” for I fear they may not have got your message at that address). I am delighted that our mutual interests have at least stimulated nocturnal expression (as suggested by your title), and that the poetic potential of the readymade, (or readymade altered) has further stimulated your dreams. I fear, however, that the cold dawn of the corridors chez Bunnings may dampen the ardour of your sentiments. And for the art that comes readymade in virtual space, you have about four hours to join in the Batmania at ArtWranglers at Hope you’re up in time to catch it! P.S. the organ in question is a  “tongue”, not a “tounge”, although there is a “lounge” in Shifting Perspectives…

See you there!

yours, Nigel



We now await Power and the Puce, mark III, and the continuing build-up over the week.


And (with any luck) ‘anonymous’ may be outed during the Shifting Perspectives II closing party – next Monday night (1st September) from 5pm in the gallery at Craft ACT – at the very scene of the crime, so to speak…


[The ‘yohoo gang’ is not to be confused with the Kelly Gang – a different kettle of fish altogether. n(Ed)] 



Last Friday’s culture round in the ‘Berra: Part Uno…

(above) Slim’s portrait of the silver budgie himself, Bob Hawke (relief, illuminated)


The Gang had a cracker round of openings last Friday, though we decided to limit ourselves to two – less is more, after all – one mustn’t hurry the social aspect of the evening too much, chaps…

Our first port of call was ArtWranglers ‘At Home’ salon for Slim Barrie’s latest work; featuring all manner of goodies from drawing to sculpture to ‘relief’ portraiture. The only disappointment being the absence of Slim himself. But never mind there’ll always be a next time (as our old Granny used to say.) And there was a consolation prize! Nige had an edition of his latest readymade lined up in the foyer for a lucky few earlybirds, which was a rather nice surprise. (Could become the Gang’s new weapon of choice, wethinks.)



                            Slim Barrie, Untitled relief  (illuminated)


There was a lovely bunch of arts aristos on hand, including our all time fave photomedia artist William Yang – who of course is in town for Vivid: the National Photography Festival. 

Though we must say that the numbers were unusually down (at both ArtWranglers and Helen Maxwell’s, our second stop) – surely not because of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games…!!??!!  We fear so. But wouldn’t you think that the arty farty classes would’ve figured out how to record stuff from the telly by now…if they’ve got to watch it at all. (We’re still staunchly maintaining our conscientious objection to what’s turned into the Gulag Games…)

For snaps of the faithful go here.

Plenty of tongue action over at ArtWranglers…


How marvellous it is to see Nigel slipping quietly back into a spot of art practice. He’d been invited into a show autophilia at SNO (Sydney Non Objective) a couple of months ago and it seems to have triggered something of a creative interlude…


(above) Nigel Lendon, Le monde de l’art a la langue fourchue.

Encore, professore, encore!! And we so concur with the sentiment.

Slim’s latest foray into art glass…(By George, he’s got it!!!)


Dear old Slim’s been at it again – as in mounting incursions into sacred(!) glass territory (see earlier post)

He’s the featured artist in the next ArtWranglers’ soiree on August 8th (which we’re really looking forward to) and he’s also been included in the Campbelltown Art Gallery’s big international show of outsider art (opening August 30th.) More info and snaps as they come to hand…

ArtWranglers Mark III…


(above) the vibrant work of Rachel Jessie-Rae O’Connor, on show at ArtWranglers.

Back to the previous fortnight’s round-up… 

Going down the coast for the Wyndham Art Show meant that the Gang had to forgo the treat of ArtWranglers third ‘At Home’, which features the work of Rachel Jesse-Rae O’Connor. We gather from the rash of red dots (when we dropped by a week later) that it had patently been a very successful evening all round. Fair enough and all.

(Nige will surely miss it when it comes down – it so perfectly complements his pillars of plastic. And the foyer piece seems custom-made for that fabulous orange wall…And did we detect a hint of Mecca in one of the works…!?)

No mug-shots, boo hoo, but you can squizz more work at…

Meanwhile all interested punters can get the good oil from the horse’s mouth at