Gone bloggin’…ANU School of Arts Postgraduate Program gets with the…er…program

24 02 2008


(above) David Wills, Erotica 2007, In/De-flatus, digital.

For those who like to keep tabs on the progressive goings on at the fank (the ANU School of Arts), your wish has now been granted. The Postgraduate program recently launched its own blog – which is hardly surprising, given the Convener (Nigel Lendon)’s predilection for the said ‘webform’. It is, after all, the most efficacious method of disseminating news amongst the faithful, as we all know…

While only in its infancy, the blogsite, Transit Lane, already beckons you down the garden path into various people’s practices. We had a lovely time exploring David Will’s work and website…as you can see, it’s right up our alley…

Anyway, whack it into your favourites and catch it express: www.transitlane.net