Given the marketing drive of our ‘sector’, it would be much too remiss of Glass Central Canberra not to have a little corner of the blog set aside for a spot of dedicated shopping. Be warned, however, that we don’t run a bargain basement: all work for sale is hand-crafted production.


First goodies on offer are Brenden Scott French’s blown glass balloons $200 each (plus postage and packaging, or hand delivered to your door if you live in Canberra.) Only 5 available.  Dimensions vary slightly, but average about 19x28cm.


Interested parties are advised to contact








3 thoughts on “SHOPFRONT

  1. We’ve had manifold enquiries as to why we only have one item in the shop, and a balloon at that – well, the simplest answer is that the market is run on hot air, my friends, and we are purveyers of the finest….

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