So far so amazingly ugly…(the work that is, not B.J)

17 07 2008

(Canberra Times, last Saturday.)

Well, what can we tell ya – let’s hope the sum of the whole will be of greater beauty than its parts. Chihuly it ain’t.

And gawd forbid Mr Stanhope should get excited about it – or it could be coming to a public art space near you. (We can feel a freeway verge coming on…)

[For all those nervous nellies out there who are already getting their knickers in a knot, glasscentralcanberra wishes to advise that all aesthetic opinions/ponderings expressed in this blog are solely those of glasscentralcanberra. Anybody wishing to air a contradictory view is sincerely encouraged to do so. n(Ed)]

Don’t ask…

6 07 2008

Old fifty-fiver…

15 04 2008

(above) the McDonald’s museum/facsimile of the original burgery, opened in 1955.

We’ve always had a soft spot for ’55-ers (apart from Megsie, we haven’t met a ratty one yet…) but hadn’t connected the dreaded Maccas with that ‘golden’ year. A bit of a blight really – though we have to admit that if they’d retained the look of the original, we’d probably be sorely tempted to rock in…

We stumbled across these pics on the web, as you do.  They’re part of a recommended food-museum-drive-tour of America (as in, where to drag the luckless kids for their next family holiday…)


That wiener would probably look pretty good as the new ‘gateway’ sculpture for Canberra, don’t you think Nige?

And, of course, top of the Gang’s list of ‘things we must do before we cark it’ just has to be the Spam Museum and factory…

Oh yeah.

Any takers?

Curious sight #2 at the Candelo Market…

7 03 2008


The Puffing Billy at the Candelo Market has a bit of a design flaw, we reckon…

What on earth were they thinking?

Country curiosities…

11 02 2008


Eek!! In the 28 years the Gang’s been at Wyndham we’ve never seen one of these. It reared its ugly head Saturday morning, was attracting flies by lunchtime and had grown to full length by late arvo. Man, it was a good 8 inches (maybe more, under the mulch)! Rather erky…

By the next day it had completely withered away. Thank goodness. As curious as it was, ya wouldn’t want it as a permanent feature in your garden. 

We looked it up on Google and discovered it was a Dogs Stinkhorn fungus (sometimes commonly called a devil’s dick – yeah, well we totally get that), prevalent in North America apparently – but how the hell did it find it’s way to our place?

A further deviation…warning: the following may offend evolved literary sensibilities…

7 02 2008


Oh, the humanity!!!

The connection of this literary(not!) offering with glass and the Ausglass Conference is tenuous at best, we would have to agree – but it did share a moment.

While the Gang was in at the SoA gallery checking out the Ausglass members show, we took some time out to catch up with Jules and James – and found them struggling to recover their composure post the discovery of the above book (left behind in the gallery.) ‘Hey, want a giggle?’ they said – and handed it over. ‘It falls open at this bit!!!’

Well, we laughed so hard we cried. Given that we were in the middle of a frantically busy day, it certainly provided some much needed comic relief. But dear-oh-dear-oh-dear. Too tragic. Who actually buys/reads this ghastly stuff?  

Unsurprisingly, nobody was stepping forward to claim their property…

Anyhoo, we thought we’d share it around, if only for the entertainment value…

There is a God!!! Libs totally lose plot…

29 11 2007


(above image from the honorable member’s website)

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for the imploding Libs, they execute the perfect nose dive by electing Brendan ‘Nob’ Nelson as their new leader…we laughed so hard we nearly wet ourselves!

Have they gone barking mad?

We’re transported with glee, of course, cos it is the icing on the cake – but we’re actually starting to feel a little embarrassed for them now. It’s beyond tragic…