Archibald 2017…

Ah, that moment of frisson – the unveiling of the finalists in the supreme gala event on the Aussie arts calendar, AGNSW’s Archibald Prize. The field, of course, is the usual eclectic bag; plenty to commend, but for ours we fancy Andrew Lloyd Greensmith’s unutterably charming In the inner stillness of Eileen Kramer.

Just so arresting, we love it…




Peruse the line-up, find your own fave [here]

[We won’t bother with a follow up of the winner. It’s this pre-race picking over of the form guide that we get the most enjoyment out of. n(Ed)]

One thought on “Archibald 2017…

  1. Look, I hope I don’t run out of space. Have just returned home from the AGNSW, having looked at the Archibald, and was so moved by the work/story, the synergy between creativity/genius/talent, that I had to research the story, and emailed the Lateline link to my wife and three children, 34, 32 and 27. Pleading, urging them to watch and be inspired by one, and to hero worship the other.
    I have a new hero.

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