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Philip Alldis: Residue

jas hugonnet gallery is pleased to be showing the work of Philip Alldis. In his current series Alldis explores the footy crowds associated with the 1970’s in relation to ideas of anonymity, image capture and mortality. Key components of the works are the formal aspects; the arrangement of the composition, the darks and lights and the division of space.

The medium for these works is compressed conté on canvas.This chalky medium clings to the warp and weft of the canvas and is then sealed in time by a thin layer of wax. Through this process Alldis softens the divisions between light and dark, where edges dissolve and shapes coalesce.

Upon seeing these works for the first time gallery director Jas Hugonnet stated ‘it seems like the works express a collective yearning where the subjects are facing a similar predicament whilst staring out into the unknown’.

To purchase works or for media images please contact the gallery via the website, or jas hugonnet gallery 0417 235 916

Image: Philip Alldis Residue 2015, conte on Canvas 56 x 56cm

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