Romancing George…

Witty titivation is the order of the day for The George Brandis Live Art Experience’s creative protest against the latest raft of policies from the selfsame Minister of the Argh-rts. It’s a brilliant concept, on so many levels.

Far too many goodies to choose from but we must just say that while we would ordinarily applaud most things Kelly-o-rama, we really can’t condone George being portrayed as Ned…

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It’s such an insult to our Neddie, lets face it. Never mind, that was our only moment of disquiet.

[Ah, thank goodness – since this last posting Raymond Rock has submitted a far more appropriate offering (George surely being just as humourless as Sir Redmond Barry)…


…perfeck! N(Ed)]

We loved Van T Rudd’s George is not Smart


And so much more. Get onboard The George Brandis Live Art Experience facebook page here.

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