Move along, nothing to see here…


To paraphrase Joel and Benji, we are done. Well, here at Glass Central in any case.

This blog has run its course darlings and our interests are leading us off on other (albeit parallel) adventures – something that here at the Hideout we’ve come to think of as The Third Act. We’re morphing into Prisoners of the Crown and embarking on a studio practice proper. Drop in to visit us here. Happy Trails.

[Patently, darls, we’ve since reviewed the matter and have decided to keep Glass Central going – if only as a posting rail for subjects/happenings that are beyond the purview of Prisoners of the Crown. Glass Central will now burble along of its own volition; a vehicle for all those random things that manage to interest and/or amuse us without actually impacting on our essential existence. We’ll be flittering in and out, as the mood takes us…  n(Ed)]

4 thoughts on “Move along, nothing to see here…

  1. Yeah, there is a little bit of awww at this end too. But we’re getting so immersed in our new beautiful life that it was just becoming an irrelevant chore. Can’t wait to crank up. We’re getting our mojo back on…

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