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  1. Yeah, I have as a matter of fact – have been following them for quite a while now (but on the net – not Facebook) because of course they totally parallel where we (glasscentralcanberra) are coming from. It’s heartening to see the same debate going on in America. It’s probably the only way anybody (aka the glass firmament) over here will start taking any notice of very real and manifold grass roots concerns. Still too many arse lickers on the bridge of the good ship Ozstudioglass. Too much cronyism. But don’t get me started.

    I’ve been intending to drop Tim Tate’s ‘manifesto’ in as a post – and will do so fairly soon. It’ll form part of the wind-up of glasscentralcanberra. We’ll be morphing into another blog entity and the ‘Glass secessionists’ will be a kind of book end to our own original kick-off.

    We’re treading water at the moment, but the wave is coming…

  2. Great to hear. I started some study this year, had a few delays, but my goals fitted the G S ideally. Winding up and making plans for next year to just go for it. Sometimes feel anything I’ve done is in spite of the studio glass clique. Just picked up last graal, and photo tomorrow, sliding towards where I want to go.
    Saw Grayson Perry’s Reith lecture, utube, does art have a future. After all the isms of modernism, and the biggest of all, cronyism. Makes me laugh to hear it from someone else.

    • Hey Peter, you must be very happy with the graals – they’re super sweet (just checked them out.) And yeah, I think establishing and developing one’s own language/creative path is so vital. Not much point in trying to conform or fit in with the ordained status quo – which, surely, by very definition is counterproductive to the principle of individual visual expression. I too am looking forward to hitting the workshop and pursuing my own (manifold!!) curiosities…

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