Vadge art…

Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré gets funky with eggs at Art Cologne…





In explanation the artist says it’s all about “the compressed birth of a work of art. Laboriously leaves the egg the birth canal of the artist and shatters on the screen, red colour flowing out.

“The next egg holds a different colour and thus arises gradually, accompanied only by loud ‘plops’, an abstract work – archaic, uncontrollable and intuitive. At the end of almost meditative type-birth-performance, the stained canvas is folded, smoothed and unfolded to a symmetrical mirror image of surprising colours and powerful because of universal symbolism.

“The resulting directly from the vagina image is instantly chains of thought-free – over creation fear, the symbolic power of the casual and the creative power of femininity.”

It’s all happening here

All we can say is…gosh.

[We don’t imagine we’ll be seeing it soon in Bega. n(Ed)]

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