What goes around comes around…

Seems like everyone’s getting into it now (which is merely an observation, not a criticism, chaps.)

Yep, recycling (in the make-over guise of upcycling) – that cyclical fad, the rejigging of common garden (predominantly wine) bottles. It had its heyday in the macrame bound 1960-70’s and we used to have a bit of a giggle about the naffness of it all. But retro-chic marketing has brought it back, big time.

We still drink out of Netster’s sprite bottle glass (made in her playful student days over a decade ago)…




…alas, her super sweet coke bottle glass, another fave, has been broken/lost in the mists of time. (“That’s glass honey”, as Jane used to say…)

So now it’s all the rage for high street cafés and eco-dilettantes  – and a rash of peeps are stepping up to fill current market demand. Good little earner, lets face it, bugger all material costs and serious value-adding (a far better return than, well, returning the bottles.)

Ruth Allen, for one, is now in full-throttle bottle production; lights, jugs, glasses, more. Save the planet, go shopping here.

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