Glass spotto: Beatle’s NZ glassie double…



Shades of Beatle Collins! – new darling on the Aussie glass scene, New Zealander Ben Young…




Not crazy about all the work (see links below) but we’re certainly into the ocean biz; most particularly this lighthouse piece…




Obviously someone to watch.

Enlarged images here, on Colossal, and here, on Ben’s own website.

2 thoughts on “Glass spotto: Beatle’s NZ glassie double…

  1. I checked his website out two days ago. Uncanny. I prefer the less “illustrative” works. I’m not too stoked on the light house i’m afraid. But “whatever floats your boat”. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m a lighthouse tragic. And grew up on rugged, blustery (Bass Straight) coastline – so an illusion of depth and an ocean floor always delivers a bit of a thrill. It’s way cute.

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