11 thoughts on “Maybe not…

  1. Well, it ain’t very purty, for a start. Perhaps we’re looking for a little more elegance in our old age. I know, who would have thunk it!
    It was great to see you last night – we must catch up super soon.

  2. right, I’d have to do the betty blockbuster, with french apron and feather duster to clean it.
    Glad you’re still going. a few of the regular blogs have gone while I’ve been busy.

  3. Well, skimming lightly across the surface is more accurate really. We’re in faff mode at the Hideout at the moment, wintering. What excitements have you been up to?

  4. Finished a 2 year dip. vis. art at Bairnsdale,painting,and in advan.dip.creative prod. dev. based at frankston.Good to get more lively teachers, melb. excursions and back into glass. Started graal (on the blog) and thinking cameo again. Visual or fine art direction as I don’t see any place for me in the art glass scene. Great info on your “glimpses”, especially the woodcuts.

    • Way busy! Frangers, eh, who knew (I’m a Flinders girl originally.) Checked out the blog – the graals are great. Still pretty central to the glass scene (as in you’re still hanging in there no?) which is always at it’s best at the fine arts end of the spectrum. I think the biggest mistake in glass is the narrow craft/material focus. So snorey. The broader the work the more interesting the practice and the contemporary art overlay is mandatory wethinks.

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