Banish po-facery…


We are aware/have been informed that there are some peeps out there who find the Poo beyond the pale.

For clarification purposes we wish to point out that here at glasscentralcanberra the Poo is viewed as a bona fide artwork of (often) performative/provocative intent and, notwithstanding his lost wax cast crystal pedigree, we celebrate the inherently abject (and loaded) allure he inevitably brings to his ever shifting, site specific ‘placements’.

There are any number of accepted/respected precedents in this ‘genre’ (Gilbert and George, Piero Manzoni, to name the most obvious) and the Poo is certainly not lacking in material, or indeed conceptual, gravitas.


An early manifestation: Megan Bottari, Terra Nullius, not (2007) lost wax cast crystal, shadow.

The Poo, in fact, actually made his debut in 2004 (when he made an appearance as a lurker in Megsie’s grad work.) There are moves afoot to give him his own website…

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