Au revoir…

The Gang’s bidding a happy/sad farewell to those wonderful shields of Michael Brogan’s which have graced the exercise yard for the past three and a half years (boy, does time fly.) They’re off to Versailles for an exhibition later in the year – how exciting is that!!

Don’t have all the details, except that he’s showing with Bibi Barba (we’ll plaster all the gaps with visuals as soon as they come to hand.)

Anyhoo, we started packing them up today – Michael’s coming through to pick them up next week, which makes for double regret because we’ll miss him as well (Megsie’s off to Bangkok on Saturday.) Bummer.


sheild 1

sheilds 3


How privileged we’ve been to have enjoyed custodianship, however temporary. And what a buzz to wave them off to France.

Time to eat cake!

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