Rehab 101: Bar Lui at Vue de Monde…

Chrissie pointed out that we couldn’t possibly leave Melbs without a session at Bar Lui on the 55th floor of the Rialto – and given the Gang’s penchant for rooftop bars (Skybar, Sirocco, Ku De Ta, yadda yadda) we weren’t able to mount an argument. [Couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of it ourselves!! n(Ed)]



Always the best way to enjoy a city, so we spent a leisurely session working through the signature cocktail list/seeing in the nightfall. Noice, starting with The Lola Montez Spider Dance Fizz…



…followed by the Macadamian Martini (Granny stuck to her habitual bubbles)…


…and the Leatherwood Whisky thingo…


…and plenty more besides.


Can’t say it had quite the élan of the aforementioned establishments, but it is Melbourne after all, so the open air rooftop experience just ain’t gunna happen. They do, however, provide the best smoking area ever…



Not that we smoke anymore – but usually faggers are treated so shabbily, it’s always nice to see them decently catered for. (Like the sunflower garden at Singapore Airport.) Anyhoo, we’ve got Bar Lui marked for a definite future Sunday lunch Bloody Mary venue. Perfeck. Slide into sunset and beyond here.

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