Contemporary Art Scene Bali…

So, back to the art…

The Gang happened to stumble across a contemporary exhibition in Seminyak – featuring the work of a collective of Kuta artists; Kuta Art – Chromatic. Great to see a strong vein of socio-political practice, and a welcome relief from the all the tourist tat…


…we were kindly shown around by Teguh Santoso “OGUT” (pictured above with his work Past is Future) who was sitting the gallery on the day.


I Wayan Setem, 'Kisah Pertiwi'

I Wayan Setem, ‘Kisah Pertiwi’

Jamur, 'You are what you eat'

Jamur, ‘You are what you eat’

DP Arsa Putra, 'Make-up Orthopedia'

DP Arsa Putra, ‘Make-up Orthopedia’


The perfect foil for all that relentless shopping. More snaps here.

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