Meet the Murrays: part 2, bringing in the New Year…

1 03 2014

Last of the holiday snaps – more eating and drinking and general cavorting…


Happy Noo Yar!!

Happy Noo Yar!!


[We make no apologies for any tangents off into non-arts territory; it’s really for the cohorts and faithfuls. Just skip these posts if you’re not on the Gang’s chrissie card list. n(Ed)]

We spent New Year’s eve on the beach at Jimbaran Puri (noice), entertained by a gorgeous troupe of fire dancers…


dinner at Jimbaran Puri

dinner at Jimbaran Puri


…and endured blissful spa treatments at Alila…



…admired trad street art…



…hung around some more at the Champagne Bar…



…did the rounds of the latest hot dining spots, including La Favela which had the coolest dunnies…



So our kinda place – classic grundge – even down to the requisite vagina dentata…



But in the main we just chilled a casa…





…as you do.

More visual treaties here.



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