Meet the Murrays: part 1, Bali Hai, not…

We’ll clear the decks before launching into the kultchasphere for 2014.

The most significant heppenin’, it goes without saying, was the Family Summit called by the favourite son-in-law…

And naturally the Gang followed the typical protocols of such meetings (ref. APEC) and made sure there was a commemorative shirt for the fellas (the ladies received a GLRB piece to mark the occasion)…

brothers in arms

The Gang was really looking forward to meeting the in-laws – but have to confess we weren’t at all enamoured with the destination. Bali has never appealed to us in the slightest, but needs must and it was more to do with family biz after all. Granny fractured her ankle and was a last minute withdrawal.

We took off with mixed anticipation. And have to say that Bali was just as we imagined (…as a tourist destination, it made Merimbula look good) but the focus of the trip (the convergence of the in-laws) certainly made up for that. We stayed in a villa with three staff and a car and had a fabulously funny xmas (spot the Poo)…


…and a lovely relaxed and enjoyable time (except when caught in traffic snarls whenever we ventured out.) Accommodation-wise, it would have to be said, we were blissfully in the pink…

Snaps for week one here.

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