It’s a wrap…

Those flapping rumours have come to roost –  Megsie will indeed be finishing up at the BVRG in 19 sleeps.

[And after half a decade we reckon she’s earned 5 purple hearts. n(Ed)]

Meanwhile she’s just sorting out grant acquittals and installing the next exhibition before swinging into the saddle and riding into the sunset. ‘Why’ has been the constant enquiry – perhaps we can best sum it up visually, with a piece the Gang acquired at the recent ANU School of Art Grad Show…




Shaun Hayes fabbo ceramic piece pretty much says it all, eh.

What a cracker.

5 thoughts on “It’s a wrap…

  1. Megs
    good on you!
    You did a top job there, really put it on the map, not only the Gallery but the whole arts scene in that part of the world.
    Hopefully this means more time to spend on your own work?
    Look forward to catching up

  2. Thanks Jas. Yep, feeling pretty positive about finally sorting out the studio. Time to move on – so much to do. Catch you round the traps, eh.

  3. Wow! End of an era! Congratulations on a job fabulously well done.
    So does this mean that the home hotshop will be a go-go?
    Maybe I can come for a trip south and we can revive the early art school days hotshop partnership?!

    Anyway long time no see and hello from Sydney. X

    • Hey Katey!! Lovely to hear from you. Am actually in Dutiful Daughter Biz mode in Melbs for possibly the next month and a half, so won’t be settling into tackling-the-studio mode until the there-after. It’s going to take a little while to rehabilitate the equilibrium. We’ve so got to catch up, though.

      • Hope you’ve been surviving the revolting heat & smoke in Melbs & that your mum is doing well? You probably need a big holiday to recover from the end if your gallery time & family time?!
        Would LOVE to catch up with you xx

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