The perfect Sunday…

Apart from the circumstances leading to it (Mike Kelly’s defeat at the recent Federal election – a dead cert travesty if ever there was one), Megsie had a lovely time at the lunch organised by the local faithfull to thank Mike for his indefatigable dedication to the shire.

Unimaginable that he should lose his seat – party politics aside he was a brilliant member with a genuine regard for his constituents and a serious eye on the progressive development of the region. He became the victim of thoughtless fickleness on the part of the ‘what about moi’ voting public. Well, they’ve got what they deserved with Abbott et al. But that hardly mitigates the loss of Mike.

Megsie with two top blokes

Megsie with two top blokes

Too good a bloke to lose, that’s for sure. It’s shameful.

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