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Liquid Crystal Dreams DL-1

Liquid Crystal Dreams DL-2


The BVRG is maintaining serious currency with a fabulous new media exhibition of 13 works from the ANU School of Art’s Photography and New Media Workshop. It’s very cool…


Jen and Gra watch Dom Aldis's animation



Liquid Crystal Dreams

Throughout the BVRG’s 2013 exhibition program gallery visitors will no doubt have noticed the strong thread of photomedia. This, of course, has been quite intentional − in part as a developmental continuum for projects such as YoofTube and in part as prelude to the gallery’s end-of-year headliner, the Bega Art Prize (the categories for 2013 being photomedia and small sculpture.)

Exposure to contemporary commentary and innovative practice remains critical to the development of local artists and audience alike. Hence the current show, Liquid Crystal Dreams – manifesting the enormous trend towards New Media Arts, now an integral part of the contemporary art scene (most specifically digital media and film.) This exhibition represents ‘a taster’ of new media practice from the region’s closest tertiary institution; the Australian National University School of Art, where the Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation & Video Major) program provides students with a ‘hands on’ learning experience in the key areas of digital media: digital video, computer animation, digital compositing, visual effects and interactivity.

In the first year of the degree, students engage in a broad range of digital media software and processes, exploring new techniques and strategies in digital image production. As they advance through the program, students become increasingly specialised in their practice by honing their skills in just one or two of the key areas.

The thirteen works curated for this exhibition present a chronology of undergraduate engagement in digital moving image practice since it was offered in a disciplinary framework at the ANU in 2003. All the works were conceived and produced by students in their graduating year. They each in their way possess creative and technical attributes that make them especially engaging or innovative, and are a showcase of the talents of students at the pinnacle of their undergraduate study.

We’ve dropped in some stills, but you can chase ’em up on YouTube…



Andrew Zukoski

Sam Thow, Keith



Liquid Crystal Dreams is on until Saturday 9th November.

Be there or miss the bus – it’s the new millennium, people….

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