Annual pilgrimage…

Back in April the Gang packed the Poo and took off for what’s become our annual pilgrimage to Burma (this time via Bangkok.) Possibly our last, sad to say, because the Muzzbotts have since been relocated to Bali (lacks a certain caché, eh.)

Anyhoo, we had a ripper time; Bangkok was extreme…

hold on to your snatch

…as one would expect – from the abject (plastic poo at street stalls)…

[…and don’t even think of comparing these to the Poo which, being cast lead crystal, is so in another class. n(Ed)]

street stall detail

…to the über sophisticated (cocktails at the Skybar)…


Megsie, Ging and Sammy Jo at the Skybar

And yes, it wasn’t all alimentary – although we were rather taken with the public loos…

public loo bangkok

…we did also manage to swing past our fair share of viz arts as well…

Vichai Sitheratn

Chairat Sangthong

…most specifically at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Great city, fab people. The only downside being the disconcerting prevalence of unprepossessing western men trailed meekly by palpably resigned Thai women. It’s shaming, this Great Australian Ugliness. Yes, we know, it’s not only Aussies – plenty of fat Germans, Brits, Yanks and allsorts – but that doesn’t make it any more palatable, does it?

We managed to escape to the crumbling charm of Mayanmar, where thankfully the sleaze has not (yet) infiltrated. This trip found us washed up in the Andaman archipelago…

poo goes paddling

beach from Megsie's cabin

Beach day on Andaman

…via Kaw Thaung, the Noosa of Myanmar…

Kaw Thuang

Kaw Thuang, the Noosa of Myanmar

street stall Kaw Thuang

Crackin’ brekky.

Back in Yangon we hung around our usual haunts…

skyping Pa

…doing what we do best…

lunch at the Governor's Residence

…plus lots of exciting extras, like dining at the House of Memories where General Aung San’s office has been aspic’d in time…


General Aung San's desk

lunch at House of Memories

…and Megsie managed to muster some bloggo focus, sniffing out another glaaaass, as Nige would say, factory/showroom. (You’ve got to admire her dedication to the cause)…

Megsie at the glass factory show room

If any of you have a hankering for Burma, get there quick is our advice. The carpet baggers have well and truly moved in and change is sadly seismic. Mind you, even as the Burmese pick up bad habits from the west they do manage to maintain their inimitable smiley face – it takes the edge off, eh…

universal language

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