Review in warp speed…

Contrary to appearances (or lack of, in the case of active posting…) it’s still been business as usual for the Gang…

General highlights have included the fabulous Janet de Boos show at Narek…


Janet de Boos at Narek


…Matt Jones at Ivy Hill…


Matt Jones at Ivy Hill


…Matt Jones at Spiral…


Megsie and Matt


…the Hilda Rix Nicholas show, From Paris to the Monaro, at the National Portrait Gallery featuring Bringing in the Sheep, from the BVRG.BVACS Permanent Collection…


Megsie and Megan at the NPG


…new work from Emily Valentine…

Emily Valentine at jas hugonnet gallery


…and Louise Upshall…


Louise Upshall


…at jas hugonnet gallery.

The Gang caught all sorts of terrific shows, including a ripper at the ANU Foyer Gallery bursting with fave peeps (check out Rachel Bowak’s Oomph)…


Rachel Bowak, Oomph


…and managed some way cool studio visits (Ben and Michael Taylor amongst others)…


Ben and Michael Taylor


And Tom Moore won the Ranamok 2013 with his piece Massive Microscopic Bird


Massive Microscopic Bird


And then there was arguably the most exciting happenin’ of the last 6 months (for the Gang at least), a fairly lengthy visit in August from Sammy Jo and Iain (which was totally disastrous from the POV of the waistline…)


fush'n'chups bermagui


Major low point was the Federal Election…


Megsie and Mike on voting day

Megsie and Mike on voting day


Odd/random glimpses here.

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