Get ya skates on…

We can’t begin to tell you what a huge month or so we’ve had, but we’ll give you a swift fly-by of the abridged version…

It’s been culture-o-rama from camp drafts at Delegate with Mick…


Mick Mick 2Mick 3MickGingGing and Leish


…and it wasn’t all horseplay – we swung by a fabulous opening at the Bundian Way Gallery  and caught up with Uncle Ossie…


Delegate opening


And check out the Rissole…



What a cracker!

And then Shazza turned ol’55 and threw a classic garden partay…



Sharon's partay


…complete with string quintet. She’s all class we reckon…


String quintet


And it’s been a mega month for studio visits, from Matt Curtis


Matthew Curtis studio visit

serious gorgeousness


…which of course was full of serious gorgeousness…




…including Harry’s latest work…


Harriet Schwarzrock


And we also caught up with Haeli and eX, all work related but no photo op (too much serious chat!!)

And then there was Annie and Gordon…



Gordon Robinson


And finally Kimberley Dodd…


Kimberley's studio 2

Kimberley's studio 1


…in the lead up to last night’s opening at the BVRG…




Barb (McConchie) braved the inclement weather to open what was a surprisingly well attended opening given the Easter clash..


The Mayor, the Councillor and the Guest Speaker

Annie Franklin and Chris Sweeting



Kimberley Dodd, Still Life with Chips and Sauce

Kimberley Dodd, Still Life with Chips and Sauce


Though seemingly strange bedfellows, there’s some serious bounce between Chris Denton’s metaphilosophical aesthetic and Kimberley’s languid country domesticity. Makes for a really yummy show – up until the 11th May, so plenty of time to do a drive by.


Chris Denton, three from the void

Chris Denton, three from the void


More snaps here.

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