Lead-in to Ausglass 2013…

Just in from our main man of the hour Michael Scarrone (currently up to his nethers in pre-production for the conference…)




Ausglass Members Exhibition


Over a hundred glass artists from across Australia are now on display at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, in Ensemble: Ausglass Members Exhibition. Proudly by Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, in conjunction with the 16th Biennial Ausglass Conference, The Collective Vision, Ensemble showcases the depth and diversity of contemporary glass in Australia, from time-honoured traditions to cutting edge experiments.


All the artworks in this stunning display have been created within the past two years, as a snapshot of the current state of the art; and every state and territory in the nation is represented, highlighting the geographical spread of the passion for glass across Australia. The pieces on show in Ensemble range from delicate jewellery and fragile pâte de verre vessels, to elaborate installations, imposing sculptures, and vivid stained glass hanging works.


Beyond the diversity of forms and styles, Ensemble also illuminates the extraordinary range of techniques currently practiced by glass artists across the country. Hot and cold working, kiln forming and engraving, glass blown, carved or assembled; all these methods and more, in every imaginable configuration, can be explored and admired in Ensemble.


Variety in form, diversity in technique – and in addition, artists at every stage of their career, from the emerging and recently graduated, to the established, the acclaimed, and the acknowledged masters of their craft. Ensemble invites them all, and displays their work in contrasts and complements that underline the truly collaborative nature of glass in Australia, as an artform in which all continue to learn and to grow in their art together.


Ensemble is open to the public from Saturday 16 February until Sunday 21 April, 2013. The exhibition will be launched on Thursday 4 April, from 6:00pm until 8:00pm, in conjunction with the official launch of the 16th Biennial Ausglass Conference, The Collective Vision.


Exhibition Dates

When: Saturday 16 February – Sunday 21 April, 2013

Where: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery


Exhibition Launch

When: Thursday 4 April, 2013, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery



The Gang loves Wagga Wagga as you know, but sad to say we’ve got a serious clash this year – we’re packing the Poo and heading for Burma again (this time to mooch around the Mergui Archipeligo and Moulmein.) Bummer, eh.

Thanks for the teaser, Mikey, you’ve done a great job of the install – as always. We’ll be with you in spirit.

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