Resolution for Ned…

18 01 2013

At last, a modicum of respect for Neddie; the memorial service is being held today


Strap-on Neddie

Strap-on Neddie



3 responses

20 01 2013
Peter Cummings

The Sat. Age had a short opinion piece, well rounded.
How did you do with the fires?

23 01 2013

Well away from us. The firies won the day, thank goodness – Julia/Quentin should give them Australian of the Year as a job lot we reckon.
How about you?

24 01 2013
Peter Cummings

They sure deserve it.
Fires in the mount’s just north, and got homes when they came down to the flat farm areas. It’s really rough steep country, but beautiful too. The smoke and leaves on the first bad night were everywhere, including IN the workshop. I’ve a new kayak but cant go up there, This is one spot it may head for.
Do you have interesting plans afoot for in the new studio?

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