Artie’s party, not…

Saturday was the annual highlight of our Wapengo Summer (well, 1 of 2); Artie’s birthday party. Except this year he decided to hit the habit on the head, so the faithful swung into Not the Artie Party mode. It’s now become Camp Artus, a lovely low-key affair down on Artie’s point.

Perfeck – no more of that humungous pre/post domestic production palaver for the poor bugger, just a sweet bbq/picnic by the lake. And no more duelling DJ’s!!


brotherly love - no more battle of the DJs

brotherly love – no more battle of the DJs


As usual it coincided with Narek and Ivy Hill openings, so the Gang and La Groppa did a very swift recce of both – way too early as it happened, but you get a better squizz at the art without the crowd, eh (…and Carolyn did graciously forgive us!!)

And it was serendipity, as it happened, cos we ran into Ange and Bourkie…


hunting and collecting

hunting and collecting


Anyhoo, ceramics provided a nice visual segue between the two galleries and we always like to see Craig Cameron’s work get its deserved public airing. We did a Glenn Murcutt (as in touched the ground lightly) and scampered back to the campsite.

Very pleasant summer viewing, swing by on your way to the beach.

Relatively few photographs were executed in the making of this post (and none of La Groppa at all, as is her wont.) Glimpses here.

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