Shed bed…

3 01 2013

For Kazmir…

shed bed

Nothing but nothing’s going to be allowed in Megsie’s workshop unless it pertains to her practice…except maybe a shed bed for guest overflow in summer!

[Oo-er, actually, Megsie herself is going to sneak out there for a few zzzzz-eds once all the house-guests leave. We might join her….n(Ed)]



4 responses

5 01 2013
Peter Cummings

All that clean concrete is waiting for lots of messy equipment.. Congrat’s.
Just thought this might interest you. Came through a print site.

5 01 2013

Yep, and years of hosing it down. Bliss.
Enjoyed the article. Can’t help thinking you must be aware of the outrageous fortune trashing the ANU SoA as we speak…

5 01 2013
Peter Cummings

No idea of ANU SofA, or any glass news. Done a lot of extracurric. reading, and looking at where my ? arts practice will direct this year.(and its only a TAFE diploma. Seems a general arts quandry developing into a malaise, and found Ben Shahn “s writing on the subject very pertinent.
Bet you can;t wait to get geared up into the studio, and sort of explode.
Happy creative new year.

7 01 2013

Well, am not exactly studio ready at this juncture. Still too involved work-wise, and don’t want a half-arsed practice. No internal angst though – I have plenty of patience (something I definitely wouldn’t have if I found myself overloaded with commitments.) Incremental steps are fine and dandy. Can’t see myself hitting the workshop floor properly for a couple of years yet. Ah doesn’t matter.
But I suspect you’re right – once I do get geared up I will sort of explode!!!

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