Shed bed…

For Kazmir…

shed bed

Nothing but nothing’s going to be allowed in Megsie’s workshop unless it pertains to her practice…except maybe a shed bed for guest overflow in summer!

[Oo-er, actually, Megsie herself is going to sneak out there for a few zzzzz-eds once all the house-guests leave. We might join her….n(Ed)]

4 thoughts on “Shed bed…

    • Yep, and years of hosing it down. Bliss.
      Enjoyed the article. Can’t help thinking you must be aware of the outrageous fortune trashing the ANU SoA as we speak…

  1. No idea of ANU SofA, or any glass news. Done a lot of extracurric. reading, and looking at where my ? arts practice will direct this year.(and its only a TAFE diploma. Seems a general arts quandry developing into a malaise, and found Ben Shahn “s writing on the subject very pertinent.
    Bet you can;t wait to get geared up into the studio, and sort of explode.
    Happy creative new year.

    • Well, am not exactly studio ready at this juncture. Still too involved work-wise, and don’t want a half-arsed practice. No internal angst though – I have plenty of patience (something I definitely wouldn’t have if I found myself overloaded with commitments.) Incremental steps are fine and dandy. Can’t see myself hitting the workshop floor properly for a couple of years yet. Ah doesn’t matter.
      But I suspect you’re right – once I do get geared up I will sort of explode!!!

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